Stand For Animals Veterinary Clinic

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Cary Bernstein
Primary Contact Name
Stand For Animals Veterinary Clinic
Main Address

224 W 32nd Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States

Pineville Clinic
10833 Pineville Road
Pineville, NC 28134
United States

Lake Norman Clinic
2714 Charlotte Hwy
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States

What We Do

Stand for Animals (formerly Spay Neuter Charlotte) was founded in 2011 to end the unnecessary euthanasia  of thousands of homeless pets in the local shelter by providing high quality, low cost spay neuter to prevent unwanted litters. Recognizing that we were meeting the needs of pet owners who had not previously had access to affordable care we evolved our practice into the first of a kind non-profit veterinary clinic. Our mission is to make high-quality care accessible to all pet owners  so that all pets are able to have the care they need to keep them happy and healthy throughout their lives.

All fundraising proceeds are allocated to the clinic’s Medical Assistance Fund which provides financial  subsidies to pet owners who need this support in order to care for their pet.

To date the Medical Assistance Fund has provided $310,000 in subsidies for treatment to more than 12,300 pet owners.  The clinics also offer non-interest bearing payment plans as most of our clients are able to pay but need more time.

Interesting Info
  • We have fixed 132,000 dogs and cats, and over 8,500 community cats.
  • The clinics see seen more than 75,000 patients a year for veterinary care.
  • There are 53 part and full-time staff members: 6 vets, 26 vet assistsants, and 21 admin staff.
A woman vet in navy scrubs is standing holding and giving a kiss to the orange cat she is holding
A brown dog with a smile, tongue out, and ears back stands in a room with an orange floor
A black dog with a pink scrunchie in her hair is looking over her dad's shoulder
A black vet assistant holds a scottish terrier's body while a doctor in a gray gjacket uses a scope to look into the dog's ear
A vet in bright blue scrubs and a purple sweater sits on an orange  bench next to a black client in a gray tracksuite.  A dog sits between the client's legs. Behind them is a chalikbaord that reads "Happy Wednesday"
In a room with a orange floor, a white vet assistant with blonde hair is kneeling next to a gray dog who is trying to kiss her face while on its hind legs