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Life Skills Educator
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Adolescents and young adults with various special needs are missing out on critical social skills and life skills, impacting their ability to function effectively in society. Without a solid foundation, they can face lifelong struggles when it comes to forming meaningful social relationships.
The result? Isolation. Depression. Difficulty finding employment. Victimization. Involvement with the criminal justice system.

Machiah's House seeks to have essential lessons and/or activities providing our young people with the life and social skills they will need as they move onto the next stage of life. The Life Skills Educator to provide lessons that are accompanied by visuals, role plays, videos, activities, assessments, and home connections to ensure that all learners receive the instructions that are most successful for each individual. All lessons can be modified to meet the youth where they are and offers the ability for these essential skills to be reviewed and strengthened in and outside a classroom or group setting. Our goal is for the Life Skills Curriculum to be flexible enough to meet the needs of diverse youths while building essential skills over time.

Readiness For Adulthood
All of our youths are on a journey to an adulthood that is as independent and safe as possible. What that means and will look like for each youth is different and ever changing.  We know that many of our youths require repetition and practice to master skills and apply them to their own lives. The Life Skills Educator will provide resources that can be retaught, building layers upon layers of information from previous life skills lessons. 

Measurable Results
The Life Skills Educator will design built-in tools to help accurately measure outcomes, easily monitor IEP goals and track skill development.

What we're looking for...?

Each lesson to build upon previous lessons, and the program designed for diverse groups of  young adults at various stages of development and understanding. 

The Life Skills Curriculum  to cover:

  • Self-care & Hygiene
  • Understanding Your Body: Health Education
  • Social Skills
  • Social Media
  • Friends vs. Acquittances
  • Social Rules & Boundaries
  • Consent
  • Relationship Development


Works in special education or with students who have disabilities, teaching life skills in addition to academic subjects. As a life skills educator, your responsibilities include developing and implementing lesson plans for academic and life skills subjects, supervising groups of young adults, and managing behavioral challenges in the classroom. Life skills educator work with all ages, including adults in residential programs. Life skills educator duties cover teaching topics such as proper hygiene, cooking skills, money and financial budgeting, and appropriate social interaction.


Minimum qualifications , a bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential or certificate. Ability to work with specific populations who have severe special needs. In addition to educational credentials, Machiah's House seeks life skills educator to have experience working with young adults and young adults with disabilities. Traditional classroom experience, organizational abilities, time management skills, effective interpersonal communication capabilities, and empathy are all necessary qualities for a career as a life skills educator.

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Monday, April 22nd, 2024
Repeats every 7 days for 92 times
Opportunity can occur at any time, day or night, within a selected date range.
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