Machiah's House, Inc.

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Dr. Shandria Pridgen, Founding Executive Director
Primary Contact Name
Dr. Shandria Pridgen
Main Address

Machiah's House, Inc
PO BOX 42624
Charlotte, NC 28215
United States

United States

What We Do

Machiah's House, Inc. is a grassroots 501c3 organization established and dedicated to improving the lives and futures of young women aged-out of foster care in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties, through building strong social skills, expanding their vocational abilities, and providing them with positive community and cultural activities. We also address mental health issues, educational attainment, human welfare, legal representation, individual advocacy and addressing community-wide issues, through an innovative partnership of community resources that enhance their safety and quality of life, in Charlotte, NC.

Upon reaching the age of 18, many young adults instantly become homeless and helpless. With all their previous benefits and supportive systems no longer available, their challenges often include absence of mentorship, inadequate housing, incomplete education, a cycle of low paying or no jobs, early parenthood, health issues, substance abuse and sometimes incarceration.

2021 statistics show that more than 214,542 children and young adults exited foster care and just under half (47%) were reunited with their parents or primary caretaker. The transition to adulthood is a significant and challenging developmental phase of life for all young people, but youth aging out of foster care on their own must face this without the support of a stable, loving family. Youth of color are more likely to experience these challenges. These young adults can be positively influenced by policies and practices that ensure these vulnerable youths receive culturally responsive, trauma-informed transition services and support to navigate the steps to adulthood achieve stability and reach their full potential. 

Our community has the power to help secure funding for a safe home to prevent young women aged-out of foster care avoid living on the streets, being sex-trafficked, in homeless shelters or exchanging sex for shelter, food or necessities.

Machiah's House will make an impact by providing safe housing with trained staff & volunteers in our commitment to ensure that all young women impacted by foster care have safe, healthy and nurturing stability through a quality, comprehensive continuum of care as we continuously strive to provide an unwavering commitment of proven programs that engage natural supports to grow, connect, improve and move our young women forward to healthy development.

Please consider ways you can give of your resources, time, gifts and talents to help make an impact on a young woman's life. Let's work together to leave a legacy for our youth and their future.

Interesting Info
  • Of more than 24,000 youths who leave foster care each year without a family, one in four is incarcerated within the first two years
  • We're in the grassroots stage and in need of housing support
  • We started a chapter on UNCC campus
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Community Outreach Volunteer Coordinator
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