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#52Tuesdays: Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation is Driven to Beat Childhood Cancer

Written by Grace Kennedy    on September 17, 2019    in

To understand why Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation has been racing to end childhood cancer for 20 years, look at Merritt. She just turned two years old, but her smile will brighten even the darkest day. She's fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of soft tissues, and recently underwent surgery at Levine Children's Hospital here in Charlotte. But that doesn't stop her from laughing and making silly faces every chance she gets. 

#52Tuesdays: The Learning Collaborative Helps Young Minds Bloom

Written by Grace Kennedy    on September 10, 2019    in

Picture a preschooler. Big grin, backpack twice their size, eyes wide open to the exciting world. When you're three and four years old, the future is limitless. 

The wide-eyed preschoolers from the first graduating class of The Learning Collaborative are now in their mid-30s. Many of them have preschoolers of their own. That's how long TLC has been offering a high-quality early childhood education to underserved families in Charlotte. 

#52Tuesdays: Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

Written by Grace Kennedy    on September 4, 2019    in

Ginger and Malcolm Combs were high school sweethearts in High Point. According to the Combs family, Ginger saw Malcolm bagging groceries after school one day, and the rest is history. The couple raised two children and enjoyed traveling and spending time with their seven grandchildren. They retired to Lancaster County, South Carolina to be close to family. 

A team from Hospice & Palliative Care Palmetto Region (part of Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region) was called in to help the family when cancer struck Ginger, who had been Malcolm's caregiver as he faced a chronic illness himself. The team provided medical care, helped with family needs, and a chaplain provided spiritual support and grief counseling. 

#52Tuesdays: Beds for Kids Furnishes the Futures of Families in Need

Written by Grace Kennedy    on August 27, 2019    in


"Now I feel normal."

There's no better way to show the impact of Beds for Kids than these four words from a nine-year-old boy after his family's home was furnished by the Charlotte-based nonprofit.

We don't often think about the power of furniture, but the team at Beds for Kids knows that getting a bed, a couch, or a table is life changing. They know because they've seen it. 

#52Tuesdays: Philips Academy Stocks Classrooms with Critical Technology

August 19, 2019    in

Written by Sarah Taylor

Philips Academy is unlike any school in the Charlotte area.

Philips Academy serves both middle and high school students with complex learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and autism through their life-centered approach to education that is both remedial and practical. Their approach is backed up by the impressive statistic that 95% of graduates from their program are working, volunteering, or pursuing further education.

For Giving Tuesday 2018, Philips Academy connected their #GivingTuesdayCLT campaign to their annual Thanksgiving Feast and Turkey Trot. Students asked their family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them, while the Academy encouraged the community to support their students as part of their Giving Tuesday campaign.

#52Tuesdays: Freedom School Partners Provided 10 Scholarships This Year

August 13, 2019    in

Written by Logan Harris

When you walk into any Freedom School location, the energy you feel is contagious. The rooms are filled with song and dance, passion, excitement, imagination, and loads of learning. It is definitely not your average summer program.

With 18 locations in Charlotte, Freedom School Partners provides high quality summer programming for scholars in grades K-8. They view education as a holistic experience and strive to support children academically, socially, and emotionally. Freedom School Partners also supports college students by allowing them to gain professional experience, serve as positive role models, and enter the teacher or social services pipeline. 

#52Tuesdays: Crisis Assistance Ministry

August 6, 2019    in

Written by Kara V. Miller

Every day, including the #52Tuesdays of the year, nearly 200 families seek help at Crisis Assistance Ministry. The independent non-profit agency has a 40+ year history and a noble mission: to provide assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency.

Nearly every day, there is a story like William’s to tell.

#52Tuesdays: Epic Capital Sets the Bar High on Doing GOOD

Written by Grace Kennedy    on July 30, 2019    in

"We wanted to make the day stand for something."

That's Edward Doughty, CFP®, owner and managing director of Epic Capital Wealth Management, on the story behind his company's #GivingTuesdayCLT contribution. As a company with strong ties to local nonprofits, Epic Capital was aware of the #GivingTuesdayCLT campaign, and the team was happy to step up financially. 

#52Tuesdays: 100 Gardens

July 23, 2019    in

Written by Amy Andrews

100 Gardens is tackling the lofty goal of changing the way we look at our food supply and water access in a practical way - by educating our next generation about aquaponics – the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, re-circulating ecosystem.

The simple beauty of this concept is that students learn about sustainable living as well as critical science, math, nutrition and skill development concepts in the process of growing their own food.

Founded in Charlotte by Sam Fleming, the 100 Gardens project has been about empowering people and engaging students to connect with their resources in new and different ways. Their latest exciting push has been to develop both a K-5 and high school aquaponics curriculum that ties in with North Carolina State Curriculum Guidelines. 

#52Tuesdays: Charlotte Yard Cards Brings the Joy and the GOOD

Written by Grace Kennedy    on July 16, 2019    in

Kerri Wallace is passionate about supporting Charlotte nonprofits. So when November rolled around, she decided to use her business to spread the word about #GivingTuesdayCLT in an ALL CAPS way. Literally. 

Charlotte Yard Cards is a local, family-run business that brings joy to others by surprising people of all ages with customized messages on their front lawns. Imagine waking up on your tenth birthday to spot "HAPPY DOUBLE DIGITS" in giant letters in front of your house. Or coming home from a military deployment to find a unique welcome message waiting for you. 


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