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Six GOOD Holiday Shows to See This Season

Written by Nicole Copsis    on December 12, 2019    in

Did you know that many of the arts organizations in Charlotte, like the Charlotte Ballet and Charlotte Symphony, are nonprofits? Seeing a show or performance in December is a festive way to celebrate the holidays while supporting a local nonprofit organization!

Here are six shows and performances you can feel GOOD about seeing during #GivingSeasonCLT: 

SHAREable: 8 Ways to Do GOOD Over Thanksgiving Weekend!

Written by Nicole Copsis    on November 20, 2019    in

SHAREable: 8 Ways to Do GOOD Over Thanksgiving Weekend!

Looking for a GOOD activity for you and your family to do together this Thanksgiving weekend? 

Or have a little extra time to spare while offices are closed and your turkey is roasting? 

Give a local nonprofit reason to be thankful for YOU this Thanksgiving when you attend one of these festive events or volunteer opportunities hosted by SHARE Charlotte nonprofit partners this holiday season:

SHAREable: 8 Ways for Families to Do GOOD Together

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 23, 2019    in


Giving back is better, together. Check out these group activities to find the perfect way for your family to spend time together while doing GOOD for a local nonprofit.

  1. Collecting pop tabs is a fun, easy way to fundraise for families, as a family. Set-up a pop tab collection jar in your home and bring your tabs to the Ronald McDonald House once you have filled the jar so that they can exchange them for cash at local recycling centers and contribute that money to their guest family fund.

SHAREable: 9 Unique Ways for Teens to Give Their Time

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 10, 2019    in

SHAREable: 9 Unique Ways for Teens to Give Their Time

Let’s face it- service hours can sometimes feel like that thing you “have to do” with your free time, instead of that thing you are looking forward to doing in your spare time. But, what if you used your service hours as a time to explore your own interests and strengthen your skill set while doing GOOD? Sounds like a win-win to us.

Check out these local nonprofits below that offer unique and creative ways for teens to fulfill service hours!  Like what you see? Please SHARE these opportunities with others!

Don’t see an opportunity that is perfect for you? Fear not- there are hundreds more to choose from at

SHAREable: Spring Cleaning? Donate to GOOD

Written by Nicole Copsis    on March 1, 2019    in

Get Your Marie Kondo On: Where to take items you would like to repurpose for GOOD!


With the recent success of Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series Tidying Up and her “if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it” mentality going viral, it is a perfect time to get inspired to do some organizing out of your own and start Spring cleaning early. But wait- haven’t you heard- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Don’t throw away those items that could still be of GOOD use to others- donate them to one of the organizations below!

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont
What You Can Donate: Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and most household items.

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