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SHAREable: 8 Nonprofits Supporting Mothers in Need

Written by Nicole Copsis    on May 9, 2019    in


Mother’s Day is a dedicated day for us to recognize and celebrate the female role models in our lives, but with this holiday in our rearview for 2019, SHARE Charlotte takes comfort in knowing that there are local nonprofits who are doing that 365 day a year.

Check out this list of 8 local nonprofits that support mothers in CLT, as if everyday is Mother’s Day.

ANSWER Scholarship
Answer Scholarship’s mission is to help mothers earn a college degree and set the expectation of education for their children. They provide scholarships, mentoring, and professional development for adult women 25 and older who are raising school aged children. To get involved, you can donate here or give your time as a Marketing/Communications Campaign Volunteer, Director of Development, or Board Member.

Care Ring
Care Ring is dedicated to providing health services for those who are uninsured or underinsured through various programs, one being their Nurse-Family Partnership Program. This program helps first-time, low-income mothers become effective parents and providers for their children. You can support Care Ring by donating here or volunteering for their Low Cost Clinic and Physicians Reach Out, OrthoCarolina 10k Classic, or Hope for Community Health Luncheon.

Gracious Hands
Gracious Hands provides housing and basic services for homeless mothers and their children for one year. Residents must find employment and save half of their income while they live there which goes into escrow until they transition out of Gracious Hands housing. To support Gracious Hands, you can donate here. 

Charlotte Mothers of Multiples
Charlotte Mothers of Multiples (CMOMs)  provides support for families that have twins, triplets, quads, or more. Serving over 600 members in the greater Charlotte area, CMOMs is one of the largest support groups for parents of multiples in the nation. To support of mothers of multiples, you can donate here.

New Strength Homes
New Strength Homes provides homeless, single mothers and their children with a supportive housing program that helps them overcome homelessness by providing the resources and tools they need to rebuild their foundation with a newfound strength. To support New Strength Homes’ work, donate here

Florence Crittenton Services, Inc.
Florence Crittenton Services’ mission is to provide comprehensive health and educational services for women and their families. Florence Crittenton has a Maternity Program specifically aimed at single, pregnant women and girls living in crisis who are in need of everything from a place to live to spiritual support. To support this organization, you can donate here. 

Baby Bundles
Baby Bundles provides new mothers with a basket full of supplies, books, and toys to underprivileged newborns in Charlotte. These baskets are intended to show community support while also providing necessary items that will help families begin parenthood on the right foot. To support Baby Bundles, donate here. 

Mira Via
Mira Via provides comprehensive support to pregnant women in need through two unique programs: The Maternity Residential Program and The Maternity Outreach Center. The Maternity Residential Program is a college based residence where pregnant college students can live and learn with each other. Expectant students from any college or university are welcome to stay for up to two years while they pursue their academic and personal goals. The Maternity Outreach Center provides pregnant women and mothers with individual and group support to address issues that may be causing stress and create plans for a successful future. To support these programs, you can donate here.