Foster Village Charlotte

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Traci Prillaman
Becky Santoro
Primary Contact Name
Traci Prillaman
Main Address

P.O. Box 77672
Charlotte, NC 28271
United States

Foster Village Charlotte Resource Center
4915 and 4919 Monroe Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States

What We Do

Foster families are all around you. They are regular people who are shifting their entire lives to say yes to children, doing all the things we do and adding in court hearings, visits, training, and giving love young hearts who have known trauma and neglect. These families are doing the work, and they cannot do it alone. Foster Village Charlotte is in their corner, fighting for their voices and meeting their needs. We know that without supported foster parents, there won’t be enough safe and loving homes for children who desperately need them. Help us to support these families: the front lines of foster care.

Interesting Info
  • On average, we serve nearly 700 children and over 250 caregivers each year.
  • Without community support, the retention rate of a new foster family is around 50% after the first year or first placement.
  • 100% of our women-led team are current/former foster parents, empowering a peer-driven support system
Geographic Location
Volunteer Opportunities

Make A Freezer Meal
Repeats daily for 365 times

Village Volunteer Training
Duration of 1 hour 30 minutes


Growing The Village Is Sweet Lemonade Stand Kick-Off
Duration of 3 hours
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