We Rock Charlotte

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Brit Swider
Public Contact Name
Brit Swider
Main Address

423 East 22nd Street
Rock on 22nd
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States

What We Do

We Rock Charlotte (formerly known as Girls Rock Charlotte) teaches youth the confidence and compassion to rock their voice - standing up for themselves and for each other. We've changed our name, because not all of our campers identify as "girl" and with ever evolving gender language - we continue to provide a safe, inclusive space for girls, gender diverse & trans youth as well as allies. 

Our summer camps help girls and gender diverse youth & allies ages 8-17 find their voice and confidence by combining music and film education with social justice and leadership workshops. In our week-long, full-day summer music camp, campers learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song with their peers, attend various workshops, and perform their songs for family and friends at a concert at the end of the week.

In our film camp, campers learn from leading women in media how to plan, film and produce a 3-minute movie to debut at our film premiere. In addition to music and film education, our curriculum features workshops on gender equality, media literacy, social justice, leadership and more.

All of our workshops are taught by leading women and gender diverse folks who are musicians, film makers, artists and professionals in the Charlotte community. Our camp is designed to build each camper's confidence in a space that encourages creativity, communication, collaboration and inclusivity.

Interesting Info
  • We put the power to tell your story and raise your voice into the hands of each youth - through mics and cameras.
  • We have empowering youth summer camps and rockin' adult programs and more!!
  • We also offer free AMPLIFY! workshops designed to sustain our positive impact on our campers and to reach new youth.
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