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#52Tuesdays: Sarah Taylor

Written by Nicole Copsis    on September 18, 2018    in

Giving back is personal. It means something different to everyone. Why? Because everyone has something different to give.

When you think about volunteering your time for a nonprofit organization, what comes to mind? Your first thought might not be to use your talents for GOOD, maybe it should be. Volunteering can be an outlet for you to use your individual skill set while also help a nonprofit who needs exactly what you’ve got!

Did you know that your writing abilities, social media expertise, photography skills, or even knowledge of legal processes could be useful to a local nonprofit? Volunteering can be about giving within your wheelhouse of talent- and with 450+ nonprofit partners SHARE Charlotte can tell you first hand that no matter your talent, there is a nonprofit that could benefit from you sharing it!

Donating time does not have to be a one-way street either- volunteers can benefit by gaining more experience and a chance to hone their personal talents when working with nonprofit organizations. With this in mind, more and more people are using their talents for GOOD.

Take Sarah Taylor for example. 

Sarah joined the SHARE Charlotte family this summer when she interned during the 2018 #SummerSHARE campaign, and, lucky for us, she has decided to stay on board to lend her talents during this year’s #GivingTuesdayCLT. 

But Sarah does not just offer her time, she brings some serious photography and video skills to the table. She brings expertise that we might not otherwise have access to or be able to afford as a nonprofit organization. 

She first began her volunteer work for nonprofits when a couple of friends reached out to ask if she would be interested in serving as secretary for a nonprofit they were starting. Wanting to get involved, Sarah took what began as a secretary position, but it soon turned into a branding and social media focused role which sparked her interest in nonprofit marketing.

Additionally, Sarah started a YouTube channel and lifestyle blog 5 years ago and mastered her videography, photography and social media skills through those outlets. She approached SHARE Charlotte knowing that she could offer us talents outside of our wheelhouse.

Sarah does not limit her talents to the SHARE office, she spreads the wealth by also helping out with the Pregnancy Resource Center, Elevation Church outreach program, as well as her service- oriented, Christian sorority at UNCC. 

Sarah is just one example of an individual who knew that she had talent to offer, and chose to do GOOD with her time, she says “Many of my peers are looking for chances to expand their resume and gain real-world experience; interning at a non profit is a great way to do just that, while doing good for the community.”

For those of you who would like to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and volunteer within your skill set, head to this link and filter by what talents you have to offer. 

SHARE Charlotte Nonprofit Partners, don’t hesitate to get specific with your volunteer opportunities! Offer detailed job titles and descriptions, use as many of the provided filters as you see fit (age ranges, groups vs. individual opportunity, etc.) and ask for what you really need, you never know who you might find, or in this case, who might find you!