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SummerSHARE- Give GOOD Summer Memories to Children in Need

For me, summer digs up memories of barefoot ballet leaps over sprinklers in a sopping wet backyard, moms’ bottomless, waterproof pool bags with one billion pockets, late night cookouts where it seemed parents almost forgot bedtime ---- almost! Fireflies and boat rides at dusk on the lake. I think of watermelons being sliced, potato salad getting dished out, and hamburgers grilling. Never once did I have to question whether I was getting a meal. 

SummerSHARE Sponsor- Mecklenburg County

*contributed by Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County is proud to support SummerSHARE as on official sponsor for the second year in a row. The County has a history partnering with local nonprofits to deliver critical services, so we know that when people get together and coordinate giving at a larger scale, lasting GOOD can be done for the community. 

SummerSHARE- Bank of America Sponsors GOOD Again This Summer

Bank of America Gives GOOD Again This Summer!

Bank of America may be a multinational company, but with its headquarters located right here in Charlotte, they have time and time again shown our community an incredible interest in elevating and supporting local GOOD. 

This year, Bank of America returns as the presenting sponsor for SummerSHARE and we are thankful for their generosity and commitment to SHARE Charlotte’s efforts to unite our city through this annual community wide giving campaign.

Are You Aware of SummerSHARE?

Summer is the biggest time of need for many Charlotte nonprofits. Both financial giving and the donation of tangible goods is extremely low in the summer months, making summer  a time of limited resources for many who rely on the generosity of others.  SummerSHARE encourages Charlotte to give back when giving is traditionally not top of mind by donating the tangible items that nonprofits need to keep their organization’s day to day operations in full swing and summer programs up and running. 

Each One. Reach One.

Each One. Reach One. 

Written by Kathy Izard 

This blog piece was supposed to be a celebration of sorts. About Monea. She is the wonderful example of collaboration between two Charlotte organizations Urban Ministry Center and Fashion & Compassion. The Urban Ministry Center was founded almost 25 years ago as the last place of hope for those experiencing homelessness in our city.

It's time to #summerSHARE

Summer is a tough time for many nonprofits. While the needs of their clients and programs may rise, giving is often down. #summershareCLT - which is the first campaign of its kind in Charlotte - will give everyone a chance to send need on a vacation!

We hope you'll join us, along with 49 local nonprofits who are working to make our community even more amazing!

Here are three easy ways to find out what #summershareCLT is all about:

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