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Family-Friendly Opportunities

Written by Admin    on March 15, 2013

In February my family signed up to wear red aprons and silly hats, carry noisemakers and thank total strangers as they handed us money. This was an easy gig - and one that was right up my 10 year old son's alley. It was also to help the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte with their fundraiser at the recent ACN conference. 

I found this opportunity in an obvious way, given where I work - on SHARE Charlotte. And it was free, easy and local (hey - we should use that in our marketing).

Finding family-friendly opportunities to plug in to the giving community in Charlotte can feel like a challenge. We know, because we've been there. But that's one of the reasons SHARE Charlotte help you find the opportunities that touch your heart and that work with your schedule (and nap time, if that's what you need).