Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Erin Katzner, President and CEO
Primary Contact Name
Rachel Neal
Main Address

6000 Sample Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
United States

What We Do

Carolina Raptor Center's mission is to ignite a passion for raptors and a responsibility for our shared natural world. As a bird-first organization we prioritize avian health and well-being, an approach that is respected by our peers nationwide.

 Raptor Trail

Our three-quarter of a mile shaded trail offers visitors an opportunity to get nose to beak with 30+ avian ambassadors, both raptors and some non-native species. Regular on-site and off-site educational programming supplements our zoo that is open 7 days a week.

 Raptor Hospital

Treating up to 1,000 birds a year, our professional staff and volunteers ensure we release back into the wild 60% all birds that live past their first 24 hours in our care. 

 Quest Nature Center

Located near our main property within Latta Nature Preserve, this partnership with Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation is an admission-free center offering interactive and live animal exhibits, including a 6,000 gallon native freshwater fish tank.

Interesting Info
  • In 2022, our Raptor Hospital treated its 25,000 patient.
  • Our Raptor Trail hosts more than 30,000 visitors annually to connect with species like the Barred Owl, Bald Eagle, and American Kestrel.
  • In 2023, CRC became home to 28 Black Vultures as part of a research trial for a vaccine to protect endangered California Condors from avian influenza.
Geographic Location

Raptor Rendezvous
Duration of 3 hours
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A Black Vulture flies to a perch while a trainer and family watches nearby.
A young Barred Owl receives eye drops.
Carolina Raptor Center staff holds an owl in front of a group of children.
A veterinarian performs surgery on a bird.
Visitors engage with Carolina Raptor Center staff in front of an enclosure for Abyssian Ground Hornbills.
Rehab staff perform a procedure on a bird.