The FACTS Initiative

Year Founded
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Gwen Harris, COO
Ms. Aisha H Yesher-El, CEO
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The Facts Admin
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229 S Brevard Street
Suite 200-E
Charlotte, NC 28202
United States

What We Do

The FACTS Initiative provides mental health services to youth and families in underserved populations. We specialize in affordable, evidence-based, trauma-informed therapy with a particular focus on children who have been abused or neglected, as well as families who have experienced extreme hardship and trauma. Our evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment allows the child and family to address a history of abuse, victimization, and trauma. Family therapy addresses ongoing conflict among family members and supports all family members in developing healthy relationships through improved communication, problem-solving, and coping.

 We establish partnerships with other nonprofits who work with our target population by providing safe housing, case management services, and more. Our grant funding allows us to offer these clients free mental health therapy on-site to meet their immediate needs while undergoing treatment.

We also have a robust internship program that trains and mentors students in various evidence-based mental health interventions, clinical assessments, and symptom management. This program is open to all students working towards a career in mental health but emphasizes BIPOC students in the field. Throughout the internship program, our interns will serve the local community by supporting our programs that provide mental health services to abused and neglected children, victims of human trafficking, children at risk of being removed from their home/school setting, and individuals and families who have experienced significant trauma. This rich experience will allow our interns to enter their professions with in-depth knowledge and advanced clinical skills.

Interesting Info
  • The FACTS provides services in our children's homes, schools, community centers, as well as our office to ensure every child and family has access to care.
  • 17.1 million children in the U.S. have had a mental health diagnosis. Many do not receive adequate treatment and even fewer parents receive adequate support.
  • The FACTS Initiative works to help these families achieve social and emotional well-being.
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