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#52Tuesdays: Digi-Bridge Meets a Match

Written by Grace Kennedy    on July 2, 2019    in

"Giving is better with friends."

That's how Alexis Gordon explains why she made a simple yet powerful choice for Digi-Bridge on #GivingTuesdayCLT. 

Alexis has always been big on supporting nonprofits, but she's especially drawn to the mission of Digi-Bridge because of her own experiences with tech education. Digi-Bridge aims to equip 21st century learners with opportunities to succeed in the digital age—something that Alexis believes is essential for the next generation.

A proud military brat, Alexis moved a lot growing up (she went to four different high schools). "Not every school had the resources for consistent exposure to the fast-paced changes in technology over my lifetime, so I never got past the novelty of computers until college, when I'd already chosen a career away from tech," says Alexis, who serves as International Business Manager and Chief of Protocol for the City of Charlotte. "I truly believe that more accessibility to tech education could have changed my path and will change the path of others."

That's why Alexis took the initiative to match #GivingTuesdayCLT donations up to $1,000 for Digi-Bridge. Her generosity packed a sizeable punch for the organization's year-end giving campaign. It helped spread the word about Digi-Bridge throughout Alexis' network. It gave people an extra push to donate, since their gift would be doubled by the match. And she alone contributed $1,000 toward providing tech and STEAM education opportunities to kids in Charlotte. 

You may have a certain idea about who "does" giving matches. Alexis did, too. "I always thought of the donation match as a huge amount of money," says Alexis. "Then I thought about how the offer of my own donations being matched makes me feel and thought, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?"

By taking a bit of a leap in her philanthropy mindset, Alexis made an impact that helped propel the work of Digi-Bridge. 

"We are so grateful for individual donors like Alexis who give of their time and resources," says Digi-Bridge CEO and Founder David Jessup, Jr. "Their support shows that our mission of investing in and advocating for STEAM education and access to technology for our youth is an idea that benefits our entire community." 

There are no income or age minimums when it comes to giving back, even with something like a match. Just remember these wise words from Alexis:

"Offering up a match can help introduce friends to philanthropy. It can encourage someone who is shy about giving to support a program because they are supported by your investment to make their gift go further. You can give more than you think and even a little goes a long way."

Learn more about Digi-Bridge, sign up to volunteer or make a donation, here!

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