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Albemarle Foundation Grows the Good by Supporting Local Nonprofit Leaders


Albemarle Foundation Grows the Good by Supporting Local Nonprofit Leaders

Leading a nonprofit organization is not an easy job. It can be lonely work trying to fulfill your organization’s mission, fundraise, manage a board, and keep momentum going. Access to professional development resources that provide opportunities to learn, to network with other nonprofit leaders, and to meet local funders can be hard to find.

SHARE Charlotte partners with 650+ local nonprofits serving Mecklenburg County and provides nonprofit leaders with these critical resources through a program called SHARE SHINE™️.  The name SHARE SHINE™ not only conveys how the program helps nonprofits achieve star status, “SHINE” is also an acronym that stands for SHAREholders In Nonprofit Empowerment.

Since 2020, the Albemarle Foundation has ensured that access to SHARE SHINE™️ programming continues to be affordable to all of SHARE Charlotte’s nonprofit partners and complimentary for their 130+ Black-Led and Black-Benefitting nonprofit partners. 

SHARE SHINE™  includes:

  • SHARE-a-Lattes (Monthly networking coffees) which provides access to local funders and influential Charlotteans to grow their social capital.
  • Practical professional development workshops led by local experts.
  • Nonprofit Summit is a unique event that brings together Charlotte’s nonprofit community for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration.

Why is SHARE SHINE™️ important to a nonprofits’ success:

  • Nonprofits require networking, connections, training and development in order to be successful and grow their impact in our community.
  • Black-led and Black-benefitting nonprofits need access to social capital since only 2% of the funding from U.S. Foundations go to black communities and here locally it is closer to .5%* (link to resource)
  • 100% of attendees feel better connected and supported because of SHARE Charlotte and SHARE SHINE™  programming

Nonprofit Testimonials about SHARE Charlotte:

  • “SHARE Charlotte continues to amaze me by getting us past the gatekeepers and straight to the decision makers.  Thank You for everyone's hard work to make these types of possibilities a reality!”  - Family Mankind
  • “Without SHARE Charlotte we wouldn’t be where we are today! I  take advantage of every opportunity they offer because I know it’s going to be helpful to our organization.”  - Raise a Child of the Carolinas

“Albemarle Foundation is proud to support the strength and resiliency of the communities where we serve,” said Jessica Stewart, with the Albemarle Foundation. “Year after year, the SHARE SHINE program continues to advance their mission and presence. It is inspiring to see first-hand the impact the program has on our local non-profits, and we are thankful for SHARE Charlotte’s work.”   

About Albemarle Foundation:

Founded in 2007, Albemarle Foundation is a U.S.-based, private, endowed 501c3 entity focused on building the strength and resiliency of the communities where Albemarle employees live and work. The Foundation’s efforts focus on three main areas of giving:

  • Education with an emphasis on STEM and future workforce development
  • Health and social services with a focus on mental and physical wellness and initiatives to combat food and housing insecurity
  • Cultural initiatives that bring people together, particularly activities and events with an educational focus or that address issues such as sustainability or social equity

Since its inception, Albemarle Foundation has distributed over $58 million globally and more than $17 million to the Charlotte community.

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