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April's Favorite - Charlotte Smarty Pants

Written by Admin    on May 22, 2014

Our most popular blog post featured on Charlotte Smarty Pants last month was about Charlotte Family Housing. Here it is one more time just in case you missed it!

“Sometimes success is determined not so much by what you do, as how you do it.”

Charlotte Family Housing is a place that can’t simply be defined by what they do (they provide a shelter-to-housing program for homeless families). What makes them unique is how they go about it. They have an unwavering focus on empowerment for those they help. That means they will not do anything for a family that the family can do for themselves

Most of these families are working single moms with kids, but the program is also an option for single dads with children and two-parent families. As they move toward self-sufficiency, Charlotte Family Housing helps each one based on their unique circumstances with things like interest-free microloans for emergencies and matched savings accounts.

The results? Over 90% of families who complete the program successfully maintain permanent housing without a rental subsidy. But perhaps more important, clients preserve dignity and self-esteem in the process.

Interested in helping out? Here are a few ways to get started. Visit SHARE Charlotte to learn more.

Youth Serve Day – Kids age 12 through 17 lead craft-making activities and games on the second Sunday of every month.

Meal Hosts – Provide meals for families at Hawthorne Place and Elizabeth House. Drop them off at the shelter or stay, serve the meal and spend time with the families.

Overnight Shelter Hosts – Arrive at the shelter at 8:00 pm and leave after 6:30am the next morning. Volunteers have a private room and bath.