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Catawba Lands Conservancy on Do Good CLT Podcast

Podcast - Catawba Lands Conservancy & Carolina Thread Trail

This September, SHARE Charlotte is shining a spotlight on organizations that are dedicated to protecting our planet. These nonprofits are creating zero-waste, low-carbon futures so our rivers, lands, and wildlife keep thriving.

In this episode, Pamela Escobar sits down with Bart Landess, Executive Director of The Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC) and Carolina Thread Trail, and Larry Humbert, a volunteer.

This podcast was produced with our friends at Queen City Podcast Network.

What is it that the Catawba Lands Conservancy is doing for the Charlotte area?

"Saving land and connecting lives to nature," says Bart Landess, Executive Director.

The CLC is a helping agency. Not only does the CLC literally build and maintain trails across the city, but they help local government and agencies decide on where to build and how to build up the economy around the trails.

Speaking of maintaining trails..."Trails don't build and maintain themselves," says super volunteer, Larry Humbert. Larry states, "I use these trails. I'm a part of the system. I should help play a role in maintaining them. Some of the maintenance opportunities are hands on, tough work, but there are also other opportunities for people of all abilities to get involved and help keep the trails beautiful."

So what is the plan for all this land here in Charlotte? Creating a network of interconnected space and economies that support sustainability in Charlotte. They've made a lot of progress but there is still work to be done. "You can have good growth and great conservation at the same time," says Bart.

Small communities are seeing huge benefits of having these trails close to their establishments. Shops, neighborhoods, breweries, and workplaces are building up around the trails and providing a thriving economy.

How can you be a part of this green network?

🌳  Attend the Pop Up Picinic on October 21st. There will be games, music, and picnic fun at The Metropolitan, right on Sugar Creek.

🌳 Attend the December Trail Forum if you're part of the engineer and designing crowd in Charlotte. Industry folks can join in on the designing, developing, and maintaining conversation of the CLC.

🌳 Volunteer, donate, and attend future events. Learn more at the CLC's SHARE Charlotte Profile and on their site.

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