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Do Good Charlotte - A Podcast from SHARE Charlotte

At SHARE Charlotte, we have so much good news to share from our nonprofit partners! We love to tell their stories of impact through our digital newsletters and social media and we are also proud of the media partnerships we’ve built over the past 10 years. 

Through these partnerships, we’ve expanded the reach of these stories by securing 300+ segments and creating over $5M+ in value through the generosity of local media outlets.

One partnership that we are thrilled to be part of is with the Do Good Charlotte Podcast, part of the Queen City Podcast Network, which was started by Brian Baltoseiwich and Pamela Escobar. Brian is the Queen City Podcast Network Founder & President and Pamela is an award-winning journalist who hosts these interviews featuring our nonprofit partners, their volunteers, and those they serve. Over the past two years, collaboratively, we have recorded and promoted 66 episodes! 

 "We're really proud of our partnership with SHARE Charlotte. We've built a platform that can provide a voice for people who may struggle to be heard, and who work so hard to make Charlotte a better place. It's the most impactful thing we do.  I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship and seeing what's next!"Brian Baltosiewich- Queen City Podcast Network Founder & President

We are also excited to continue this partnership and hope you’ll tune in to learn more about the incredible work being done by so many organizations in our city!

Queen City Podcast Network - Do Good Charlotte

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