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Duke Energy Powers CLT's Local Celebration of National Volunteer Week

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 8, 2019    in

DO GOOD Week would not be possible without the generosity of our partners! Duke Energy is not only powering DO GOOD Week as our presenting partner, but they also do a whole of GOOD for the Charlotte community that you may not even know about! Read below to hear about it in their own words with a quick Q&A

A few GOOD questions with Duke Energy's Sarah Degnan and Dominique Johnson:

Why did Duke Energy decide to sponsor DO GOOD Week this year?

DO GOOD Week allows Duke Energy to be a part of the national conversation about community involvement during National Volunteer Week.  DO GOOD Week is also a great opportunity for Duke Energy to partner with SHARE Charlotte to localize the importance of volunteering and rally our community to do good in the areas where we live and work.  We plan to use this week to encourage our employees and neighbors to find volunteer opportunities they are passionate about.

What community engagement does Duke Energy do throughout the year?

Duke Energy engages with our community without the year in so many ways. There are three main campaigns each year during which we focus on volunteerism - MLK Day, Duke Energy In Action Month (May) and the holidays.  However, we encourage employees to volunteer individually and with their teammates throughout the year. In fact Duke Energy will support volunteerism and board service with matching grants.

Does Duke Energy typically focus on a particular cause or support a specific nonprofit sector?

We primarily focus our investments on three strategic areas where we can make an impact for our communities.  We support Education programs that prevent summer reading loss while also advancing energy, engineering and environmental education.  We also invest in workforce education and training programs that prepare future workers for the energy industry’s most pressing challenges. Finally we support Nature programs that work to protect and restore the wildlife and natural resources that our communities depend on.

Who are some of the other local nonprofits that Duke Energy has a relationship with or has supported in the past?

For funding, we partner with local nonprofits that best align with our three strategic investment priorities (education, workforce, and nature). From a volunteerism perspective, we often partner with local nonprofits that encourage Duke Energy employee engagement, whether through individual or team service projects.

In what ways does Duke Energy encourage their employees to get involved?

We have a suite of programs called Duke Energy In Action that allow employees to volunteer and earn grants for their favorite nonprofits.  Individuals can volunteer on their own or serve as a board member to earn grants. We also encourage teams to rally around a cause they care about and earn grants through group volunteer service.  The company provides employees 10 paid hours each year to participate in community service.

Does Duke Energy have a staff member or team dedicated to community engagement?  

Here in Charlotte, we have a team of folks that help with community engagement.  Everything from volunteerism to grants and sponsorships to communications. It is a team effort for sure.

Why does Duke Energy think community-wide campaigns like DO GOOD Week are important to Charlotte?

Charlotte is where we live and work, so it is important that we constantly try to make our community a better place.

What is one thing you would like Charlotte to know about Duke Energy that they may not already know?  

In 2018, our employees and retirees volunteered 126 thousand hours with over 1,800 different organizations.  We hope to surpass that in 2019.