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A Few GOOD Questions with Thompson

Written by Nicole Copsis    on April 9, 2019    in

DO GOOD Week would not be possible without the generosity of our official partners! Thompson Child and Family Focus is the longest standing nonprofit in Charlotte and while they themselves are a 501c3, the Thompson staff are encouraged and supported in their efforts to contribute to causes outside of Thompson’s own mission- they are even given Volunteer Time Off (VTO). Now THAT is an organization that knows a rising tide lifts all boats.

Read more about Thompson Child and Family Focus in their own words with this quick Q&A!

Why is volunteerism important to nonprofit organizations and why does it matter that Charlotte celebrates National Volunteer Week?

Thompson believes that all people should strive to share their time, treasures, or talents. We rely on our community to help us with these three things every day. National Volunteer Week reinforces these principles and provides a call-to-action to give back and do more within our communities.

In what ways does Thompson Child and Family Focus encourage their employees to get involved?

At Thompson, both individually and with their teams, staff are able to volunteer across communities for causes that speak to all of our passions. To help make this possible, staff are encouraged to utilize a new benefit that rolled out last year called VTO or Volunteer Time Off. With VTO, Thompson employees can donate up to 4 days per calendar year to a 501c3 charitable organization while still receiving normal work-hour compensation. Since establishing VTO last year Thompson employees have given 103 hours back to our community.

Why did Thompson Child and Family Focus decide to sponsor DO GOOD Week this year?

At Thompson, we serve Children, Families, and Communities. It is our duty and pleasure to give back to organizations who give their all to help our Community thrive. Thompson decided to stand with our fellow nonprofits to give back to the community that has supported us for the last 133 years.

What is one thing you would like Charlotte to know about Thompson Child and Family Focus that they may not already know?

Last year we pledged to #DoDifferent, we took our commitment seriously and focused on obtaining better outcomes, establishing new alliances, and evaluating old practices in order to provide the highest-quality care and services possible. We identified ways to ‘fill the need’ – looked to provide new and relevant programs to meet the ever changing demands and difficulties our communities face. This year we pledge to #DoMore.  Thanks to the support of our partners, donors and volunteers, Thompson grew in all our core service areas: Early Childhood, Family Stability, and Mental Health. We would love Charlotte to join us in our commitment to #DoMore by participating in this year’s DO GOOD Week.

Why does Thompson Child and Family Focus think community-wide campaigns like DO GOOD Week are important to Charlotte?

Thompson believes in the power of impact, we all have time, talents, and gifts that can contribute to the well-being of our community members, neighbors, and friends.  It is important we stand together as a community and share our resources to move Charlotte out of its spot as the 50th out of 50 in upward mobility for America’s largest cities.