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Find Your Bliss...

Written by Admin    on June 25, 2013
Volunteering in Charlotte? Here are three steps to make sure it's a perfect fit:

1. Find your passion. You've heard it before - but it's true. You're going to invest time into this gig, so it needs to be something you really believe in. 

2. Consider the time you have available. Once you know "who" you want to help (kids, animals, etc.), decide how much time you have to give. No matter if it's a lot or a little, there's an organization out there that will be thrilled to have you on board.

3. Think about your skills. Maybe you're great with numbers, or you can design a killer website - why not put those talents to work for your new favorite cause? 

It's that simple, and now it's also super easy because you can do all three steps at Share Charlotte. But what's really cool is it's not just about what yougive - it's about what you get from volunteering. Just ask Amy - her story is below!




What is it like to volunteer in Charlotte? We asked Amy Campbell, a volunteer with Mental Health Association of Central Carolinas. She puts her unique talents and skills to work for a cause she loves - and her experience turned out to be even more rewarding than she expected!
Amy, what prompted you to take that first step? Why do you volunteer with MHA? 
I volunteer with the MHA because I have a passion for helping break the stigma associated with mental illness. We have to start talking about mental health if we are going to crack the last great stigma of the 20th century. The Mental Health Association of Central Carolina's (MHA) is on the front lines of breaking that stigma and I want to be right there with them. The MHA has made every volunteer hour, and there have been many, rewarding and appreciated, and that's a huge bonus. To feel that you are actually making a difference in an organization that you help is hugely rewarding. 
How did you get started? 
A little over 2 years ago Andrea Towner, the development director, launched one of their first web videos. That same day she received my volunteer application. I work in television and film production. She called and we talked, and I was on board right from the start. Our partnership was serendipitous to be sure.
For the past two years I have worked on the video portion of their website, shooting, editing and producing the monthly MHA web videos. We are just about ready to launch our Mental Health Matters: It's time to Talk campaign PSA, "Breaking Stigma One Conversation at a Time."  It has been the highlight of my volunteer efforts thus far to help conceptualize, produce and direct this series of videos which we hope to role out during the next 12 months. So stayed tuned. 
What has your volunteer experience been like?
My involvement with the MHA is a perfect fit.  I can't tell you how much I have gotten out of the videos, now totaling around 24 I think, and the friendships I've formed. It's been super fun, creative and worthwhile.
I must say that the thing that has surprised me the most is the courage and passion of all the volunteers and ambassadors at the MHA, the incredible staff, and the amazing work they all do in the community and at the legislative level.  Over the past two years I've video taped many of the MHA volunteers and ambassadors, I have heard their stories, and I am in awe of their strength and openness in order to break the stigma associated with mental illness. All of them have given me so much courage and motivation along the way. It's a truly remarkable organization and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of it.