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Get the facts about DAFs

Get the Facts about DAFs

SHARE Charlotte & Signature FD

Grant making from donor-advised funds (DAFs) has increased every year since 2009 and has more than doubled in the past five years.  Clearly many donors increasingly utilize these charitable giving accounts to achieve their philanthropic goals. 

Yet there exists a misunderstanding within the nonprofit community around what exactly DAFs are, how they work, and how to engage with DAF donors in their fundraising efforts. 

SHARE Charlotte, as part of our SHARE SHINE™ Professional Development Workshop series partnered with Signature FD to host a lunch and learn to explore the basics of DAFs and how to leverage their potential from both a fundraising perspective and as donors making your own gifts to the organizations you care about. 

This session covered the following topics:

  • The basics of DAFs – how they work and why they are powerful charitable giving and financial tools.
  • What nonprofit leaders and fundraisers should know about DAFs.
  • How to communicate the mechanics and benefits of a DAF with donors.
  • Ideas for how to steward donors who give through DAFs.
  • Leveraging a DAF as part of your own financial and generosity planning

There clearly was a need for this class since it sold out 55 tickets in just a few hours!

A few key learnings for our nonprofit partners to make sure they are ready when DAF holders are researching their organizations:

  • Operating budget  annual report and sources of revenue.
  • EIN number - make sure it’s on your website or easy to find.
  • What are your programs and biggest needs?

Also, include messaging in fundraising materials that your organization is eligible to receive grants from donor advised funds. Click here for more nonprofit resources.

A huge thanks to SignatureFD for their partnership on this topic and their expertise on the intersection of wealth management and giving.  If you would like to contact SignatureFD to learn more about their services please contact Elizabeth Burdette. (

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