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#GivingTuesdayCLT: GOOD Things to Know about AFP Charlotte

Written by Nicole Copsis    on November 24, 2018    in

We are incredibly grateful to have AFP Charlotte (The Association of Fundraising Professionals) on board as a sponsor for this year's #GivingTuesdayCLT! The work that AFP does in Charlotte to foster development and growth of fundraising professionals and promote high ethical standards in the fundraising profession is incredibly important and plays a large role in strengthening our community. If you are not familiar with AFP Charlotte, allow us to introduce you! Check out this quick Q&A:

Why did AFP decide to move the date of National Philanthropy Day to Nov. 27th this year?

There is a natural synergy between Giving Tuesday and National Philanthropy Day. Celebrating Charlotte's philanthropists on a day encouraging others to participate philanthropically in their community seemed natural. We want those attending the luncheon to be inspired by the generosity of our honorees and find ways they can become involved in their community. 

Why does AFP feel that #GivingTuesdayCLT is an important movement to be a part of?

Every day is Giving Tuesday for the members of AFP. We spend time in the community sharing about our specific organization encouraging others to participate in order to make a stronger Charlotte. While each of our organizations have their own Giving Tuesday campaigns, being able to have an opportunity to come together celebrating the honorees who have made a significant impact in our community is exciting. 

What have fundraising professionals learn from movements like #GivingTuesdayCLT?

We are stronger together than apart. There is a natural competitiveness between nonprofit organizations who are often up for the same grants and cultivating the same donors. This initiative helps fundraising professionals understand that we’re all in this together, and that some strategies are better implemented collectively than independently.

Why does AFP feel that it is important to honor local nonprofits on National Philanthropy Day? Additionally, What goes into deciding who you honor on this day?

National Philanthropy Day is an opportunity for local nonprofits to honor individuals, groups, and businesses who have impacted their organizations and the larger Charlotte community. Members of the nonprofit community submit nominations to the NPD selection committee comprised of pass honorees. The selection committee reviews the nominations and letters of support in order to select the honorees for the day.  The decision is difficult for our selection committee as the work done by all nominees is incredible.  

AFP and SHARE Charlotte are both celebrating #EverydayPhilanthropists this month, what does that mean to AFP?

When people hear the word philanthropy, they often think it is something in which only the wealthy can participate. Robert Payton defines philanthropy as "voluntary action for the public good." Philanthropy is a concept where everyone has a role. An “everyday philanthropist” is the person volunteering, paying for coffee for a stranger, and just doing selfless acts to impact the life of someone else. We are proud to be a part of this movement. 

What one thing would you like the Charlotte community to know about how AFP supports local philanthropy?

AFP is a professional association for fundraisers across the world. In Charlotte, we host monthly sessions on various topics surrounding fundraising in order to promote best practices and further professionalize the field of fundraising. We want to strengthen our members in their efforts to support the work of their specific nonprofits. 

What is AFP's hope for the future of philanthropy in Charlotte? 

As professionals you raise funding to drive social good in our region, our association hopes to see philanthropy grow in our region. The Charlotte area is changing all around us with so many new people and fresh perspectives.  We hope to see a philanthropic movement take hold in our community, driven as much by newer residents who appreciate their adoptive community and the next generation for whom much of the work of nonprofits is in service.

Has AFP seen a change in the way that Charlotteans are getting involved?

Online giving is a movement that is only accelerating as much of our lives moves online. Social media and digital content is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a necessity for nonprofit organizations. Much of our professional development offerings for our members are focused on harnessing new tools to help get people involved in the missions of the nonprofits in our region.

Why is philanthropy so important to a community like Charlotte? 

Philanthropy is an opportunity for everyone to be involved. Charlotte is a wonderful city but still has a long way to go . Philanthropy gives members of the community an opportunity to become more involved in the community.  If there is a change an individual wants to see, philanthropy is an opportunity for that person to become involved.