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#GivingTuesdayCLT: Wings of Eagles Ranch

Written by Nicole Copsis    on November 21, 2018    in


Wings of Eagles Ranch is celebrating 20 years of encouraging hope, instilling confidence, and building self esteem by offering nearly 400 children and adults with special needs each year the chance to do things they never thought possible.

I originally set out to write a feature that would highlight the impact Wings of Eagles Ranch has had on the children and adults with special needs that have visited the Ranch, but my second-hand description could never replace a first hand experience. I want you to hear about it first-hand, from Ross.

Ross Snyder is an individual who has been a part of Wings of Eagles Ranch since he was 2 or 3 years old and who now, at the age of 19, is a regular volunteer at the Ranch. He is a living testament to the life changing work this organization does. Learn about this truly amazing local nonprofit in Ross’s own words: 

(This is information provided by Ross, pulled from both a written testimony and video clips.)

“My name is Ross Snyder. I am 19 years old and have been living with cerebral palsy since I was about one week old.  I am a proud triplet with two amazing sisters and I am the oldest one of the three. I am currently a student at CPCC. 

Having a physical disability is sometimes hard especially with the little things in life that we all take for granted, like walking.  Sometimes for me it is even carrying things. But some of the most difficult of my struggles are socially, fitting in and doing what the average kid/ teenager does growing up. But what is so amazing about my journey is having a place like Wings of Eagles Ranch, where I have been going since I was two years old.  

The Ranch deals with people with all sorts of physical and mental disabilities. It is a place where people can fit in and really explore their own God given potential without being judged or picked on by anyone in society. It is a truly a place that I have called home and ‘heaven on earth’ in some cases. The Ranch truly is a community of people who love and support one another and help overcome obstacles. But what is so amazing to me is that after being a participant at the Ranch for most of my life, I’m now a volunteer. 

I can help bridge the gap for other participants, how they think and do things, because I am one of them. The most important part is the ministry at the Ranch, what God has done, is doing and will continue to do for the many years to come.  I encourage all of you reading this to go check out and support Wings of Eagles Ranch, a truly amazing and heartwarming place where people are more than their disability. A place of love, support and encouragement. A sense of community and belonging where social barriers don’t exist.  Where limitations are overcome, dreams come true, and people have the chance to soar.”

While Ross is an incredible and unique individual, his experience with Wings of Eagles Ranch is not uncommon. Countless children and adults have been strongly impacted by this organization and have even gotten the chance to do things they never thought possible due to their disabilities such as horseback ride, rock climb, zipline- you name it! 

While Wings of Eagles Ranch has been doing important work for the last 20 year,  funding is still a major concern for the future of this organization. Please consider making a donation to Wings of Eagles this #GivingTuesdayCLT so that they can afford to pay their staff and continue their legacy of turning “I can’t” into “I can” and inspiring individuals with special needs to defy all odds.

Wings of Eagles Ranch from GoldenHourVisuals on Vimeo.