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Key Steps to Building a Sustainable Organization - SHARE SHINE™️

SHARE SHINE™️ Professional Development Workshop

Programming and Process: Key Steps to Building a Sustainable Organization

SHARE Charlotte is the #1 resource for Charlotte nonprofits, providing access to professional development, networking, and support needed to sustain and grow their organizations.

We created SHARE SHINE™ which stands for  SHAREholders In Nonprofit Empowerment. SHARE SHINE ™  provides year round affordable programming to help leaders develop the skills to create impactful non profit organizations.

On Friday, August 18th we held a workshop led by Robert Bales. Robert is the Managing Partner at Attolero, a local accounting firm that specializes in nonprofit accounting. 

Attolero is Latin for “sustain” or “support” and that is exactly what Robert Bales and his small team of professionals at Attolero aim to do for Charlotte nonprofits.  Founded in 2016 and serving nonprofits nation-wide, Attolero is excited to contribute right here in their hometown by partnering with SHARE Charlotte.

During Robert’s Workshop on the Key Steps to Building a Sustainable Organization, he covered

  1. How to establishing a clear and relatable program with objectives and measurable goals
  2. Translating program impact through your financials
  3. Explanation of compliance responsibilities (990, Solicitation Licenses, Sales Taxes)
  4. Building strong internal processes for a sustainable organization

Joining Robert was William McNeely, the co-founder of Do Greater Charlotte, whose own nonprofit has grown very quickly over the past few years and leaned on Robert’s services to help establish processes to sustain his organization. “I am the visionary, not the accountant,” said William.

Nonprofit leaders really valued Robert’s insights. “While I was aware of most of the material, he presented it in a way that clarified the overall structure, particularly of “process”” - Workshop participant.

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