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Making Connections Easy

Written by Admin    on April 26, 2013

Sometimes the hardest part of connecting is getting started. When Chris Manley was searching for a way to honor the passing of a co-worker's family member, he wasn't sure where to begin. He decided to start with SHARE Charlotte. 

"I started by looking for non-profits who work with kids. I was drawn to the idea of helping out a child in honor of another life being cut short," explained Chris. "I am a musician, and my co-worker is an artist, so I went the arts and culture direction." 

After scrolling through some of the great non-profits on SHARE Charlotte, Chris came across Community School of the Arts. From there, it was as simple as clicking on the "donate" button.

"As I thought of some of the things that had the most impact in my early life, it was music lessons," said Chris. "I thought this was a small thing that could potentially lead to big things for a kid. It couldn't have been easier."

"I could not have found the right organization through a Google search," said Chris. "In about 5 minutes, SHARE Charlotte helped me find the non-profit that was right for me."

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