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Meet All Things Possible Medical Fundraising - #SpotlightOnCLT Presenting Sponsor

Meet All Things Possible Medical Fundraising

SHARE Charlotte's #SpotlightOnCLT Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Presenting Sponsor

 #SpotlightOnCLT is SHARE Charlotte’s monthly content series that highlights a different cause or issue each month (often referred to as the "theme" of the month). This month we're sharing all about Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

This series allows us to explore the crucial work being done by our local nonprofit partners. It is one way that we shine a light on various causes as a way to educate the community and explore the given topic through the lens of the nonprofit community- breaking down who does what, how to get involved, and where to find more information.

This month we're proud to share with you all about All Things Possible Medical Fundraising, a nonprofit that provides freedom and mobility to so many, in surprising ways.  We sat down with Lisa Sexton, Executive Director of All Things Possible. She shared with us so many inspiring stories about how ATP provides vans and vehicles to those in need. We cannot wait to share their story with you!

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Please share with Charlotte why you are excited to help support July's #SpotlightOnCLT Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities month?

"Most of the families served by All Things Possible match this Intellectual & Developmental Disability category. Our goal is to let more of the public know we exist and would like to help their loved ones as well."

What are 2 to 3 interesting facts or things you would like Charlotteans to know about the work you do or the support that developmental disabilities needs right now. 

"All Things Possible became a 501c3 in 2013. We originally focused on helping with medical bills that insurance companies didn’t pay. However, we began receiving a large number of requests for wheelchair vans. So, in 2019, we changed our focus to just this area of need that nobody else was meeting. We have gifted 37 wheelchair vans so far, averaging 7 or 8 over the last 5 years. These specialized vans have gone up substantially in price. We gift vans under 10 years old with under 100,000 miles. One that is 5 – 7 years old is now costing us approximately $40,000. Brand new wheelchair vans are nearly $100,000 each. There isn’t another nonprofit we’re aware of anywhere in the entire country with the primary mission of gifting wheelchair vans to those who can’t afford them."

💜 Fun Fact: The Founder and Executive Director of All Things Possible, Lisa Sexton, was one of the 4 finalists in Queen City New’s Remarkable Women contest in 2023.

💜 Fun Fact: All Things Possible was given the Angel Award by the Secretary of State of South Carolina in 2020. Only a handful of nonprofit organizations are selected for this award out of over 14,000 nonprofits in the state of South Carolina each year. It can only be received one time in the life of a nonprofit.

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If a Charlottean would like to volunteer,  what does that volunteer experience look like at ATP? How do volunteers impact your organization?

"Our goal is to hold a couple of public fundraising events each year. We usually need between 10 and 20 volunteers to help at the event itself as well as volunteers to help us advertise it in advance. We couldn’t carry out this mission without our volunteer Board of Directors, Advisors, and event volunteers."

Volunteer Opportunities: All Things Possible is looking for Board Members and Event Volunteers. Click the hyperlinks to learn more.

Do you have any upcoming events or ways the community can get involved?

"Yes! Our annual Rock and Roll Concert and Fundraiser will take place on Saturday, September 21, 2024, at Lenny Boy Brewing Company in Charlotte. The band headlining the event is called Groove Machine. They are a 1970’s Rock band with 9 members, including an amazing 3-piece horn section and vocals that would do the original recording artists proud.  There will be food trucks, drinks, and a terrific raffle. Single tickets ($20) as well as reserved tables are available on our website at We are still recruiting sponsors and could use more raffle items. We generally surprise a family with a van at these events. So you won’t want to miss witnessing the joy that your support can bring."

Watch the stories in action:

All Things Possible Vimeo Video Channel

Watch this showcase of van deliveries:

Van Delivery Family Stories

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Thank you to All Things Possible for sponsoring July's #SpotlightOnCLT, helping to amplify nonprofit voices across the city!

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