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Parachute Media Does GOOD for the #AnimalsofCLT

Written by Nicole Copsis    on December 13, 2018    in

Parachute Media is a full-service digital marketing agency who recently brought their services to the growing city of Charlotte. From social media and digital advertising to video and content creation, they are passionate about telling stories that align with your business and have a big impact on your target audience. 

Something else they’re passionate about? Animals...which is why they chose to sponsor this month’s #AnimalsofCLT series with SHARE Charlotte.

Why did Parachute Media decide to sponsor #AnimalsofCLT this year? 

We recently came to Charlotte by way of Nashville, TN, so we wanted to get involved with SHARE Charlotte right off the bat as a way to invest in our new community. We’re excited to put down roots in the Charlotte area and build relationships with the many businesses and nonprofits that are helping Charlotte thrive. Even better, the #AnimalsofCLT series was a perfect fit for our company, where the number of dog and cat employees outnumber the humans! 

Tell us more about the video Parachute Media created for the #AnimalsofCLT series! 

As part of our sponsorship, we wanted to create a video to bring more awareness to SHARE Charlotte’s mission while also addressing winter animal safety. Charlotte winters can be unpredictable, which means you never know when temperatures will reach below freezing or an unexpected snowstorm will put the city on hold. These conditions also have an effect on our furry friends! With the help of SHARE Charlotte, we were able to connect with the Humane Society of Charlotte, Animal Adoption League, and Stand Up For Animals, so they could share their advice on how we can all keep our pets safe this winter.

Check it out: 

Who are some of the nonprofits that Parachute Media has a relationship with or has supported in the past? 

We know that marketing and social media are essential to the success of any business, including nonprofits who may not have the budget to hire an agency. We seek out opportunities to support nonprofits when we can. We currently work with the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, who provides legal aid and resources to those in need. Over the past year, we have helped them improve their digital marketing practices and educate their team on how to best reach the communities they serve. In the past, we also worked closely the Pedigree Foundation who provided grants through the Pedigree Brand to support shelters and rescue organizations in hopes of saving homeless dogs across the country. In August 2017, we even redesigned our logo to support their campaign for “Dogust” since August is the given birth month for shelter dogs whose birthday may otherwise not be known. 

In addition to offering our services when possible, we’ve also taken days to volunteer as a company with organizations like Thistle Farms, Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Nashville Rescue Mission. As we continue to make Charlotte feel like home, we’re excited to become more involved with local nonprofits here as well! 

Why does Parachute Media think SHARE Charlotte’s monthly series like #AnimalsofCLT are important? 

We know how important community involvement is when ensuring that local nonprofits can get the support they need. Spreading the word and inspiring action through series like #AnimalsofCLT is one way of doing that, and Parachute Media is proud to partner with SHARE Charlotte in this effort. By connecting community members with organizations who are working to better the lives of Charlotte animals, we hope that they’ll get to experience the life-changing impact of volunteering or rescuing a new animal of their own.