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A Renewed Commitment from SHARE Charlotte

June 2, 2020    in

A Renewed Commitment from SHARE Charlotte

SHARE Charlotte’s value system was built around inclusivity and we do not tolerate social injustice or racism of any kind. Every day, but especially now with greater resolve, we stand with our Black neighbors and community.

For true change and healing to happen, we know more needs to be done and for SHARE Charlotte, that means more intentional use of our platform for difficult conversations about issues that affect the Black community. We will work side by side with Black stakeholders to uplift Black philanthropy through our digital and social channels as well as programming. Black Philanthropy Month in August will provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our renewed commitment.

We challenge everyone to share their resources and social capital to be part of the solution. A great place to start is our website which gives you access to 400+ Mecklenburg County nonprofits, many that benefit our Black community.

The SHARE Charlotte Team & Board of Directors