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SHARE Charlotte's Guide to Volunteering

SHARE Charlotte’s Guide to Volunteering

Why do we volunteer?

Volunteering brings us joy as we assist our neighbors and witness the positive impact our efforts have on others' lives. Plus, it strengthens community bonds and gives donors an up-close look at the issues and challenges many of their neighbors are facing.

Why do nonprofits need volunteers?

The community IS the support base for nonprofits. The dedication of volunteers is the cornerstone of the operations of local nonprofits.  It’s how cans of food get sorted to feed, it’s how houses get built, it’s how books get read to children, it’s how animals are rescued and cared for,  it’s how we make our community better for everyone. 

The spark that ignited the creation of SHARE Charlotte:

The desire for an easier way to find volunteer opportunities with local nonprofits was the inspiration to create SHARE Charlotte 11 years ago. Our founder wanted to  create THE one-stop shop to make hyper local giving possible and to  democratize philanthropy by providing easy ways to support nonprofits including: volunteering, donating, shopping their wish lists or attending their events. 

Volunteering is the #1 use of our site and just in the past 3 years alone volunteers have given the value of $1.4M in volunteer time to local nonprofits. 

If you are new to volunteering or not sure where to begin - we can help with our guide to volunteering:

  1.  Think about what matters to you. What do you care about? 💜
    • This is personal for everyone based on your life and experiences. Use the filters on our site to find “Who it helps” or “Causes” that are meaningful to you.
  2.  How much time do you have to give? ⏰
    • 15 minutes, 1 hr a day, or can you commit to being a board member? There are over 460 opportunities to choose from including virtual opportunities. We promise you can find something that works for your schedule.
  3.  What skills do you have to offer? 🧑🏻‍💻
    • Do you have marketing, accounting, legal, photography, counseling, web design, or fundraising skills. If so use your expertise to help nonprofits who don’t have a staff of experts.
  4.  Who do you want to volunteer with? 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾
    •  Family, friends or solo? Volunteering can be great with others but it can also be a great solo act and a way to improve your mood or reduce stress. 
  5.  You are so money…..literally, 1 hr of your time is worth $30.81 per hour. 💰
    • Your time is a big impact to the bottom line of a nonprofit and you are saving them thousands by showing up and helping.

Let’s get to it - Check out our volunteer opportunities or take our fun quiz to find your volunteer match.

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