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Smarty SHARE: Child Care Resources

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  • Wonder, rather than doubt, is the root of all knowledge. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

I’m thinking about “little wonders” as I write this post. My youngest niece just turned four. Each day I see her make connections, learn and yes – wonder.

It’s fun to watch her wonder about things and discover her own answers – like where rain comes from (it’s the clouds crying), why the dog and cat can’t get along (they must not be listening to her lectures) and how flowers grow (because they drink water from their petals, not their roots Aunt Kimberly. Drinking from roots would just be silly).

But while she’s playing, she’s also learning about the world – and this reasoning process is critical to preparing her for tomorrow’s challenges.

Like my niece, every kid needs a stimulating environment and interaction with caring adults, both in and out of the home. Studies show that children’s academic performance is impacted by the care they received during their first five years of life.

But as parents know, great child care is both hard to come by and expensive.

Child Care Resources Inc. (CCRI) is a Charlotte nonprofit that works to advance quality, affordable child care. There’s no way to include all the ways they support Charlotte families in one post. But here are a few highlights:

– Child Care Search is CCRI’s free service to help families learn about and choose quality child care.

– CCRI administers child care financial aid to offset the cost of care for income-eligible working families in Mecklenburg County.

– They administer Raising a Reader®, a research-based early literacy model that fosters read-aloud routines in the homes of low-income families with young children (ages 0-5).

– They collaborated with CMS and the NC Department of Public Instruction to produce the award-winning and widely-used video series, Ready, Set, Go! Your Go-To Guide to Kindergarten Transition.

The list goes on, but you get the picture. Child Care Resources serves thousands of local kids and families each year.

Sound interesting? You can learn more about them, and even read their annual report, at SHARE Charlotte. Then check out this chance to celebrate more “little wonders” with CCRI.

15th Annual Little Wonders Party and Auction – Enjoy a fun and festive evening to support Child Care Resources. Get the scoop on this annual event coming up May 29th at the Ritz-Carlton.


This post by Kimberly originally appeared in the Smarty Sunday SHARE column on the Charlotte Smarty Pants blog. 

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