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Spiracle Continues to Give CLT Something (GOOD) to Buzz About

We are so grateful to have Spiracle Media as an Official Partner of #GivingTuesdayCLT for a third year in a row! This video content agency was built in 2011 with one purpose: to tell stories. And through their artful storytelling, they have given back greatly to Charlotte's nonprofit community by giving a voice to many causes and organizations for the past ten years. Read more about Spiracle Media and how they use their craft for GOOD in this quick Q & A with Co-Founder and COO, Jarod Latch. 

1. Why did Spiracle decide to support #GivingTuesdayCLT again this year? 

SHARE Charlotte and its efforts play a pivotal role in supporting the Charlotte community. That impact aligns perfectly with the goals of Spiracle Media when it comes to giving back to our hometown. We have come to realize over the years that we have a valuable product to offer to our partners and clients, but it’s just as important to nonprofits and other community organizations that drive important initiatives. #GivingTuesdayCLT is one of those that we are happy to support! 

2. Who are some of the local nonprofits that Spiracle has a relationship with or has supported in the past? 

We have had important relationships with a number of nonprofits over the last decade. The two that come to the forefront are the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and Junior Achievement. We have enjoyed creating content for both of these organizations for a number of years with the goal of not only raising essential funds, but also showcasing the fantastic programs that both provide. 

Other partnerships from the past and present include the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, RAIN, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, United Way, Rutherfordton Housing Partnership, Time Out Youth, Teach for America, HeartMath,      

3. When giving back, does Spiracle focus on a particular cause or support a specific nonprofit sector? 

Overall, we have worked with a number of different types of organizations across different sectors. Recently, we identified children as one of our focuses moving forward. This includes supporting the important work around social mobility as well as basic needs. As an entrepreneur, it is important for us to engage in an area that helps children/students unlock new ideas and discover new opportunities that may not know exist. This is an effort that we hope to build on. 

We have partnered with EVERFI to sponsor a STEM program within select CMS elementary schools. This is one small way that we are actively giving back in the education space.  

4. In what ways does Spiracle encourage employees to get involved?

One of the team accomplishments that I am most proud of this year is the launch of an internal/external CARE team within Spiracle. This team is responsible for making sure that our teammates are taken care of and recognized as well as extending our reach outward.

We have two great gifts, time and love, and it is so important for us to use those to support one another and the community. The CARE team is responsible for group and individual service opportunities. This fall we renovated a playground that was in disarray for an after school program at a church north of the city. Spiracle teammates as well as family members came out to support the Saturday morning effort. 

We are currently formalizing our approach for 2022. I am excited to see what happens! 

5. What is one thing you would like Charlotte to know about Spiracle that they may not already know?

On the business front, we just launched a new brand called SPIRACLE FILMS. This new part of our business will focus on original content, documentaries, short films, and commercial production. This move is a natural extension of our ability to tell stories. Our first documentary, Saving Spiracle, chronicles the journey of Spiracle Media’s partners as they navigate the pandemic and challenges in their personal lives. This film has won two awards and so far been accepted into three film festivals. 


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