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Spiracle Media Gives CLT Something (GOOD) to Buzz About

Written by Nicole Copsis    on November 27, 2019    in

We are so grateful to have Spiracle Media on board as an Official Partner of #GivingTuesdayCLT for a second year in a row! This video content agency was built in 2011 with one purpsoe: to tell stories. And through their artful storytelling, they have been given back greatly to Charlotte's nonprofit community by giving a voice to many causes and organizations for the past eight years. Read more about Spiracle Media and how they use their craft for GOOD in this quick Q & A with Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Baier. 

1. Why did Spiracle decide to sponsor #GivingTuesdayCLT again this year? 

The main motivation for starting Spiracle Media was because we didn’t want to leave Charlotte and now that we are in the position to make an impact we want to partner with organizations making meaningful change. Where else could you connect in to help 400+ organizations in our community? 

2. Who are some of the local nonprofits that Spiracle has a relationship with or has supported in the past? 

We are big supporters of Junior Achievement, United Way, RAIN, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the YMCA. We also sponsor the Spiracle Media Digital Scholars program in middle schools to support education around digital education and careers in video production. 

3. When giving back, does Spiracle focus on a particular cause or support a specific nonprofit sector? 

We tend to gravitate toward organizations supporting children, especially in helping them possibly become entrepreneurs some day. It is important to us that the kids in our community have all the tools to succeed in the future. 

4. In what ways does Spiracle encourage employees to get involved?

We encourage our team through group service projects, volunteering at various events and supporting the middle schoolers in our Spiracle Media Digital Scholars Program. We also do support organizations through video storytelling where we see our impact growing more than just the hours we’ve donated. 

5. What is one thing you would like Charlotte to know about Spiracle that they may not already know?

We are Charlotte born and believe in supporting our community in everything we do. Our business has been able to grow in this city and each of us feels a responsibility to give back. 

Check out these impactful videos that Spiracle Media created on behalf of this year's #GivingTuesdayCLT campaign to inspire Charlotte to give back by donating money, signing up to give volunteeer time, or by shopping for local nonprofits: