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Spotlight on our Sponsor: Spiracle Media

SHARE Charlotte’s sixth annual Do Good Week (April 18-23) is Charlotte’s local celebration of National Volunteer Week which rallies our community to Do Good locally through volunteerism, supporting hundreds of local causes and organizations.

We are so grateful to Spiracle Media for their support of Do Good Week and raising the level of awareness of the needs that local nonprofits have for volunteers. Plus, through volunteering not only does the nonprofit benefit but so does the volunteer because “It Feels Good to Do Good”!

We asked our friends at Spiracle what motivates them to dedicate their team’s time and give so generously with their volunteer hours.

This year you launched your CARE team to focus on ensuring that teammates are taken care of and providing individual and group service opportunities. How is this going so far?

Our CARE team meets monthly to assess the needs of our employees, our partners, and options to serve  within the community. Overall, we plan quarterly volunteer opportunities and encourage our team members to get involved and give back. 

On the internal front, we are focused on the needs of each team member and partner as an individual, whether that means sending a personal note, dropping off meals kits or snacks, or just being there for moral support. 

How do Spiracle employees enjoy volunteering their time? Is there a specific volunteer or group experience that stands out to you?

Our recent focus has been on community involvement that assists those that struggle with basic needs.  Our CARE team worked with Loaves & Fishes and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte to hand out groceries, meals, and hope to the community. Our team not only enjoyed the experience, but came away with a fresh perspective. We have already added a few more meal share dates to our team calendar. 

Spiracle Media is known for their storytelling through video and now film with the launch of Spiracle Films. Is there a video or film that stands out to you that you believe aligns with the Do Good Week theme of “It Feels Good to Do Good”?

We shot a video with TIAA where they announced they would be planting 15,000 trees nationally this year. We are very thankful to have partners that believe and act when it comes to giving back to the community in a number of different ways.

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