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#SpotlightOnCLT: Bright Blessings

Written by Grant Stimmel    on September 9, 2019    in

Your 21st birthday?


All the ones after that?

Ehhhh, not so much.

Another year in the rearview, another gray hair, another wrinkle, and maybe a few more pounds around the waist.

But your birthday as a kid?

That was pure magic.

Unfortuantely, for thousands of Charlotte children, their birthday isn’t much cause for celebration.

For homeless and impoverished children, it’s just another day to get through.

Another day to grind, to struggle, to survive.

Unless, they’re one of the thousands of children Bright Blessings has helped through their Bless-A-Birthday Program this year.

They throw an absolutely epic bash designed to bring happiness, joy, and proof of importance to children who otherwise may go unnoticed on their special day.

Cupcakes, presents, and, most importantly, well deserved attention all go to show each child that, yes, their milestone does deserve celebrating.

Executive Director Tisha Margraves has been volunteering with Bright Blessings for nearly a decade.

She’s seen first hand the smiles on children’s faces, and the impact Bless-A-Birthday and the organization’s three additional programs have.

Its Bless-A-Baby, Gift of Literacy, and Gift of Care programs all work in tandem to promote the organization's core mission: to bring joy, care, and hope to children in need.

But they can’t do it alone.

Bright Blessings serves a massive 5-county area, and gift donations for birthday celebrations are always welcomed.

Volunteers help organize birthday parties, but they also see in vivid detail what these kids go through.

For them, life is far from easy.

But one day a year, on their birthday, they have a chance to escape.

A time to laugh with friends, open a few presents, and share a cupcake or two.

Bright Blessings gives them something that most of us got and all of us deserve...

The chance to close our eyes, take a deep breath, and make a birthday wish.

Magic, yes.

That’s what birthdays are for.

Find out more about Bright Blessings here.

Grab a group and volunteer with their Adopt-A-Party program.

Or donate gifts to children in need.