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#SpotlightOnCLT: Campus Pride

June 12, 2020    in

From a LGBTQ+ Youth Perspective:  Why Support Campus Pride this June for Pride Month

Written by Morgan Burgess

Hello, my name is Morgan Burgess. I am a bi and non-binary student. I am a junior Psychology major, Women’s and Gender Studies minor at UNC Charlotte.

As a LGBTQ+ student I know the value of Campus Pride toward the Charlotte community and the youth across the country.  Campus Pride helps LGBTQ+ students and allies to become future leaders and create safer, more inclusive campus communities. The organization helps young people make informed decisions on their college choice with the Campus Pride Index and numerous other free, accessible resources. They help educate and inform campuses with Stop the Hate and Safe Space workshops to create a sense of support for LGBTQ+ youth and their community.  Campus Pride helps protect and advocate for the rights of all genders with the Trans Policy Clearinghouse and educational resources. 

As a LGBT+ student, my internship volunteering with Campus Pride has been invaluable to my growth and has made me a better leader at UNC Charlotte and  in my community. The skills and experience are immeasurable and develop LGBTQ+ youth to be positive change agents.   At Campus Pride, I found a community of people dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth and the ability to develop into a leader that advocates for others.  I am thankful to those who support Campus Pride.  You are making a positive difference for LGBTQ+ youth like me.  I am Campus Pride.

Celebrate Pride Month with Campus Pride: Campus Pride is celebrating Pride Month for LGBTQ+ youth virtually. On Tuesday, June 30, the "Show Your Campus Pride" six hour long livestream broadcast will feature a diversity of LGBTQ+ youth singing, dancing, reading poetry and other forms of celebration. The digital event will be shared across all our social media channels and provide a way to uplift and engage together LGBTQ+ intersectional communities in Charlotte and across the country.

How to best support Campus Pride:

Monetary donations are incredibly helpful during this time as Campus Pride continues to support LGBTQ+ youth with digital events and learning opportunities. Please make a gift today if you can, by visiting this link to donate. You can also support Campus Pride’s work by shopping their Amazon wish list and having the items they need most delivered directly to their door.

DID YOU KNOW: Campus Pride is in the running to win $5K this month thanks to the Amy and Brian France Foundation who have partnered with SHARE Charlotte for this year’s Spotlight Series and YOU can help when you VOTE NOW! You can also check out the other organizations eligible to win this month’s prize, here!