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#SpotlightOnCLT: Christopher's House of Refuge

Written by Eden Estabrook    on July 20, 2020    in

Founded in 2013, Christopher’s House of Refuge works tirelessly to provide 24-hour affordable housing and health care to elderly and disabled individuals. 

Executive Director of Christopher's House of Refuge, Paula Dallas-Speight, shared an inspiring story with the SHARE Charlotte team about the impact the organization had on the lives of one family in particular. 

"Our organization helped an only son to honor his mother's wishes of staying in her home until the end of her life. Our organization helped not only her but her son as well, his anxiety went completely down and he regained his life back without having to worry about his mother. Our organization took care of her for 4 years in her home until she passed away and her son told me that he had never seen his mother so happy and laughed so much in his life until we came in with our services." 

Paula Dallas-Speight shared, "Moments like that makes what we do so worthwhile. Making a difference not only for the ones we serve but for their families as well. Our client lived to see 93 and spent her last days in her home never spending one day in a nursing home as her wishes were." 

“I do what I do because I have a true passion to serve those that are in need. Living my life each day to make a difference in someone else's life one moment at a time.” 

The work of Christopher’s House of Refuge is making a major difference in the lives of Charlotteans. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 making its way around the globe, nonprofits are getting creative to continue offering their services to those who need it. Since Christopher’s House of Refuge works with individuals that are considered more vulnerable to the virus, they have been proactive to educate our senior population on the best precautions they can take to keep themselves safe in the community.  

If you’d like to help provide safe and loving housing to seniors and disabled individuals, consider getting involved with Christopher’s House of Refuge. Right now, the best way to support them is to donate funds towards their mission as they are moving towards extending their services to other populations that are in need such as mental illness and homeless veterans.

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