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#SpotlightOnCLT: C.O.S.Kids

Written by Eden Estabrook    on August 22, 2019    in

Being a parent is difficult. It’s difficult when you’re a two-parent family with lots of support. And it’s even more difficult when you’re a single parent. 

Here lies the heart of C.O.S.Kids’ mission.

While they serve a diverse range of families, the core of their mission is to serve the low-income single parents by providing quality childcare at a fee that the parent can afford.  These parents are typically single moms who need to work full time to live but simply cannot afford the cost of childcare. As if trying to keep up with your busy child isn’t hard enough, throw in the single-parent dynamic and it can be overwhelming.  For these families, C.O.S.Kids uses a two-generational approach, meaning their programs benefit both the child and the parent.

For the child, tuition scholarships are given to these families so that their children can have access to the highest quality of developmental exposure, as well as love and security while their parent is at work. For the parent, C.O.S.Kids offers encouragement and support in the form of counseling, training, and other resources as needed. 

Why should you care? It’s a common misconception that childcare is nothing more than a babysitting service. But did you know that 90% of brain architecture is formed by the age of 5? While giving children a loving place to go while parents are working is a crucial part of it, early childhood development improves childhood health, education and development and ensures all children are prepared to be successful in school and beyond. 

C.O.S.Kids seeks to nurture families with educational, financial, and spiritual support. And they need your support! They are always looking for funding for their tuition scholarships so they can provide quality education for children of low-income single parents. While they don’t use volunteers to work with the preschool children, they do look for individuals to volunteer as a tutor/mentor for their school age children. You can even volunteer to teach parents important life skills like budgeting or personal finance. Don’t have time to give? That’s OK! Donations of new or gently used toys and games or school supplies will always be put to good use!