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#SpotlightOnCLT: Florence Crittenton Services

Written by Eden Estabrook    on September 30, 2019    in

“I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be the same person without Florence Crittenton. Without all the support, without the many shoulders I needed to hold onto, because, I was very young, raising my daughter, but one thing I can say is I was never alone.” 

The above quote is from Lanitta, a Florence Crittenton graduate, from her interview on Fox 46 Charlotte. Bringing life into the world is an incredible experience for a woman. But, it can also be scary without the support of friends, family, and community. Florence Crittenton understands this and that’s why their services go beyond just pregnancy support to include post-birth support. 

After her experience with Florence Crittenton, Lanitta is now living independently and a second-year student at UNCC, studying business administration and finance, with a minor in international business. Her daughter, Violet, is enjoying kindergarten. 

What the loving people behind Florence Crittenton do is provide a support system to the resilient women who make up their programs. But, in order to help be the community these women need, they need the community’s help. While things like donations and volunteers are always appreciated, community awareness is the key to expanding their reach. 

Florence Crittenton has been in Charlotte for 116 years. During the majority of those years, pregnancy services have been their focus and it’s what they’re known for. But, their programs are more diverse than that. Lanitta benefited from both their maternity programs and their Sarah’s House mother/child program. She is currently enrolled in the Aftercare Parenting Education Program (A.P.E.P.), which educates the new parents on topics like child safety and parenting practices. And that doesn’t even cover all that they offer the women in their programs

If Lanitta’s story inspired you at all, consider sharing about Florence Crittenton on social media. Get the story out that this resource is in our city and it extends beyond just pregnancy support. Then, buy a ticket to the Bid & Brew event on November 15 at Town Brewing. It’ll be a fun time of food, drinks, and silent auction benefiting Florence Crittenton. 

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