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#SpotlightOnCLT: HeartBright Foundation

Written by Grant Stimmel    on February 20, 2019    in

You probably know the stats by now.

70% of U.S. adults are overweight, and 40% of those are obese.

Staggering numbers, yes.

And they’re only getting worse.

That extra weight carries serious health consequences, too, as it’s linked directly to America’s number one killer, heart disease — a narrowing of blood vessels that drastically increases your chances of having a heart attack, chest pain, or full-fledged stroke.

Cancer is often unavoidable. Heart disease, though? It’s mostly preventable.

Which is where Charlotte’s HeartBright Foundation comes in.

They’re a local nonprofit dedicated to educating the community about the long-term risks associated with cardiovascular diseases, and the benefits of living truly healthy lifestyles.

Their programs offer ongoing assistance to economically disadvantaged communities in Mecklenburg County, and provide crucial support via motivational programs and health management tools.

HeartBright Foundation is a volunteer-run group that funnels a whopping 93% of every dollar donated directly into their crucial health and wellness services. They don’t spend your donations on fancy marketing campaigns or a 5-star website, rather, it goes directly to those who need it most.

But because they keep overhead so low, monthly donors are exceptionally crucial to their mission of aiding Charlotte’s obesity epidemic. Just $5 a month treats one patient for an entire year.   

You can also help out by heading to NoDa Brewing on Monday, February 25th, where $1 of every sale will go directly toward HeartBright Foundation’s tremendously worthy cause.

Staying active is far from easy, and maintaining positive health habits is easier said than done for almost everyone.

But with your help, and organizations like this, we’ll begin to tackle the devastating impact of heart disease…one Charlotte resident at a time.