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#SpotlightOnCLT: The Housing Partnership

Written by Grant Stimmel    on May 6, 2019    in

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Guess the Counting Crows were onto something.

From the Carolinas to California — and every big city in between — explosive growth has caused transformational change to the places we all call home. In Charlotte, we’ve seen skyscrapers smother single-family homes and big business take over once charming neighborhoods.

Of course this growth has brought fantastic opportunities to our city. More jobs, more dining, more stuff to do. These are good things, yes. But there’s a balance.

Where are we supposed to live?

That’s a question a lot of people are asking. With the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment topping $1,200 a month, the answer for Charlotte’s low-income residents is simple, and increasingly dire — we’re not sure.

The Housing Partnership is doing their best to find an answer.

They’ve been helping community members in need of safe, affordable housing for 30 years with a holistic approach combining revitalization, education, and development. This three-pronged method has helped a whopping 23,000 local families find a place to call home.

Often, though, it takes more than just a roof over your head to make you feel like you belong. From organizing digital literacy programs to funding community gardens, The Housing Partnership goes above and beyond to help community members feel fully supported.

But their job is getting harder.

Land is at an all-time premium, it’s exceedingly expensive, and truly affordable housing is becoming increasingly rare in Charlotte. The Housing Partnership’s success depends on people like you, who can donate — be it time, money, or land to help them continue to put roofs over so many deserving heads.

“Stability… can be a precious commodity.”

Organization President Julie Porter says it best, and in an ever changing world full of so much uncertainty, finding a house can be difficult and costly.

The Housing Partnership's ability to make it a home, though? That’ll always be priceless.

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So, how can you help?

Find out more about The Housing Partnership here.

Learn how how you can be a part of their 30th anniversary luncheon on October 23rd, or donate directly.