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#SpotlightOnCLT: Sanctuary Counseling Group

Our #SpotlightOnCLT Mental Health Month story focuses today on Sanctuary Counseling Group.  We spoke with Kate Welsh to learn more about how Sanctuary Counseling Group is making an impact on mental well being in Charlotte.   What would you like for the community to know about the challenges your organization is trying to solve?   "Of the 452,000 adults in North Carolina who did not receive needed mental health care, 44.8% did not because of cost."   Could you describe for our community how Sanctuary Counseling Group supports mental well being?   There is a serious need in our communities to address mental health needs. Sanctuary does this by serving populations that historically have been overlooked and underserved due to many reasons including financial constraints.   Could you share an impactful story with us about Sanctuary Counseling Group?   "You have been used by God to get us out of a dark place. We are seeing a lot more light these days and are working to see even more." -SCG client    "My life has been so much richer with you by my side to help me deal with trials I've faced." - SCG Client   Learn More:
  • In 2019, the Samaritan Fund provided 1310 hours of counseling to clients on a sliding scale or reduced rate. 100% of donations go to client assistance.
  • Mental illness impacts 1 in every 5 adults in America. Sadly, two-thirds of those adults will not receive the care they need.
  • Our Samaritan Client Assistance Fund ensures that we never turn away away clients due to lack of finances.
  Our mission is to walk with our clients as they journey towards the healing of their minds, hearts, and souls. We believe that health and healing are open to all.   Sanctuary Counseling Group has provided mental health counseling and pastoral counseling in the greater Charlotte area and in satellite offices in cities and towns around the Western Piedmont of North Carolina for over 50 years. Sanctuary Counseling Group offers sliding scale and discounted mental health services to people in need of mental health intervention through our Samaritan Client Assistance Fund (Samaritan Fund). All donations directly benefit our Samaritan Fund.   Read more about Sanctuary Counseling Group and learn how to support them here.
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