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A Story of Hope Haven - #SpotlightOnCLT

SHARE Charlotte's #SpotlightOnCLT Addiction & Recovery

A story of Hope Haven

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Each month, SHARE Charlotte highlights local nonprofits who are doing important work in a cause that may be close to your heart. We like to give a little ( or big!) spotlight on organizations you may never have heard of, or are surprised to learn about how you can get involved and help. We call this series our #SpotlightOnCLT. (read more here)

This May, we're spotlighting Addiction & Recovery nonprofits with the help of our friends at Hope Haven, a therapeutic community here in Charlotte making a BIG impact. Addiction is referred to as a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We spent some time with Hope Haven and the incredible individuals who help provide these recovery programs. 

💜 We hope you read on below to learn more about Hope Haven and share this story with someone who may be in need.

Please tell us why you're excited to sponsor May's #SpotlightOnCLT Addiction and Recovery month with SHARE Charlotte?

We are excited to shine a light on Hope Haven and all the resources in our community for people struggling with addiction.  It feels more urgent than ever before to create awareness because the proliferation of fentanyl in our community has made substance use more deadly than ever before – the amount of fentanyl you see on the tip of a pencil is enough to kill instantly (photo below, credit “One Pill Can Kill” campaign). While some people use fentanyl intentionally, it’s also being mixed with other drugs (including marijuana) so there’s always a hidden risk! While that is terrifying, there is also hope in so much of the work being done – from prevention, to new options for medication-assisted treatment, to proven clinical interventions.  We want everyone to know that recovery IS possible!

Tell us a little bit about Hope Haven, the programs or projects you are working on now, and what lies ahead for the future of Hope Haven? 

Hope Haven is a residential community for people in early recovery from substance use disorder who need a safe place to live while they improve their health, work on their recovery, and begin removing barriers to things like employment and permanent housing.  We offer comprehensive person-centered services, from professional counseling, to medical care, to job readiness programs, to housing placement.  Our 8 acre campus near uptown Charlotte includes motel buildings, recreational spaces, classrooms, and meeting space.  Approximately 130 people live here at any given time, including men, women, and families with children!  We have 3 new babies right now who bring a lot of joy to everyone here.

What is one thing you would like Charlottens to know about Hope Haven that may be surprising or new information to them? 

Did you know that Mecklenburg County has a special “court within a court” for people whose charges are related to their substance use disorder?  It’s the most successful justice innovation for people with substance use and mental health disorders.  The court takes a public health approach, providing treatment as an alternative to incarceration.  Recovery Court participants who do not have stable housing live at Hope Haven while going through the court program.  Many of these folks are parents – and keeping their families together is a huge motivation to stay sober.

Did you know that Hope Haven operates two businesses on our campus? We have a catering company and a commercial laundry business.  These social enterprises function as job training programs for our residents and provide revenue that goes directly back into our programs!

What volunteer needs do you have right now? When someone volunteers with Hope Haven, what kind of impact does that have?

Hope Haven welcomes volunteers to help with campus improvement projects, serve meals, and interact with residents in more personal ways like tutoring or leading enrichment activities (yoga, art, poetry, spiritual classes, etc.).  The practical impact is helping our small staff get things done.  But the more important impact is letting residents know that the community cares about them and they are worthy of care and belonging. Volunteers help us create a vibrant community where residents can connect with others, have fun, and find purpose.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Hope Haven?

One year ago, we launched a new program called The Forum at Hope Haven.  We had an old conference center at the back of our property that had fallen into disrepair.  Lowes came alongside and renovated the space, which we now use as a hub for non-profit training and collaboration.  The Forum has a robust calendar of classes and events that bring us all together as a community working together to address the challenges of poverty, homelessness, and mental health. Over 600 front-line workers in these fields have participated at The Forum this year!  In addition, the space is available for outside groups to rent and we offer onsite catering services.

See story photos below:

fentanyl on the tip of a pencil from the DEA
hope haven building
hope haven staff in front of building
recovery is possible people standing on hill
hope haven forum

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Volunteer with Hope Haven (scroll to the bottom of their profile). They have opportunities for Virtual Donation Drives, Campus Beautification Projects, and Dining Room Hospitality signups.

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