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Take 2: Volunteering at Theatre Charlotte

Written by Admin    on March 17, 2014

Last week we featured a guest post from Chris Timmons with Theatre Charlotte about ways to get involved as a part of their production crew. This week, it's all about working directly with the audience and being in the spotlight!


These volunteers are on our front line! They are the faces you see when you walk in the door and the first impression you receive of Theatre Charlotte.
What they do:
The main responsibility of our front of house volunteers is to provide excellent customer service. Our ushers hand out programs and help guests find their seats while our concessions workers pour the wine and pop the popcorn. They are all knowledgeable about the theatre, the current show, and upcoming events so they are ready to answer your questions.
How to volunteer:
Visit SHARE Charlotte for more information on how to get involved. Theatre Charlotte also posts front of house volunteer opportunities on Hands on Charlotte a few weeks prior to each production. To stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities, sign up for their monthly volunteer newsletter.
At Theatre Charlotte we are very proud of the talent we are able to put on stage. Our actors are all volunteers and devote up to six weeks of rehearsal time and three weeks of performances to give our audiences an outstanding theatre experience. They range from local, professional talent to novice, first-time-on-stage performers but they all come together to create the product you see on our stage.
What they do:
They act, of course! Actors attend rehearsals that are typically held Sunday through Thursday evenings. They learn their lines, their character, and their stage blocking. For musicals they also learn songs and dance numbers. Professional directors, designers, and stage managers work alongside each cast to bring out the best performance possible.
How to volunteer:
To act in a Theatre Charlotte production, you must first attend an audition. These are open to anyone in the community. You can find audition dates and specific requirements for auditioning on the audition page of our website, and you can always visit SHARE Charlotte for the information on getting involved.
Now that you know a little more about what our volunteers do, we hope the next time you are greeted by a smiling usher, watch an actor give an outstanding performance, or see a stage hand dressed all in black sneaking around behind the scenes, that you will stop and thank them for all they do to make Theatre Charlotte’s productions come to life. Or better yet, join them and become a part of the magic! Our volunteers work hard but they also have lots of fun, get to be a part of something they are passionate about, and create lifelong friendships.