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Transformational Executive Coaching

Transformational Executive Coaching 

Nonprofit Leaders Coaching Cohort

Nonprofit leaders who are on the front lines of supporting our community’s most vulnerable community members, need support to thrive as leaders.

This summer, SHARE Charlotte in partnership with Tamara Park, CEO of StoryNow, led 10 nonprofit leaders through a 3 month Executive Coaching transformational journey.

What is Transformational Coaching:

Leading is not for the faint of heart–especially leading a nonprofit. 

Transformational coaching serves to boost a leader's own capacity to navigate challenges and pursue goals in a way that is strategic and sustainable. 

An executive coach doesn’t give leaders answers. Rather through deep listening, insightful questions and creative strategies a coach helps leaders pay attention to their own wisdom, strengths and resourcefulness.  When leaders desire to grow and do their own work, the coaching journey becomes truly transformative. And that’s what happened this summer.

How does the process work:

Ten incredible nonprofit leaders gathered to grow in their sense of purpose and personal wellbeing. We decided to create a cohort so that the leaders could support one another as they set their individual goals. 

We launched the cohort with a team coaching strategy lab. Tamara guided the cohort, using the power of story, to explore what new narrative these leaders desired to have  by the end of the 3-months. 

Leaders envisioned such inspiring storylines–from investing in their teams to better activating their boards; from communicating with greater confidence to becoming a more rested and invigorated leader.

Each leader had four individual coaching sessions and then we gathered for a final team coaching session and celebration. 

What were the results: 

What transpired over the course of 3-months was quite remarkable. Leaders made significant progress on their goals and unexpected gifts emerged along the way. Some gained greater clarity on their mission; others redesigned their staffing to reflect their strategy; many discovered they could–and needed to–take time off, empower their teams, and navigate conflict more proactively. Many said they also rediscovered greater joy in their work. 

Here’s a glimpse of how a few of the leaders described the process: 

“The coaching journey has changed my perspective on leadership, how to have a more balanced life and have to approach each day and challenge. I feel better prepared as a leader.” – Jessika Tucker, Executive Director of Angels & Sparrows

After our sessions, I feel very empowered and confident as a leader. I am able to be a better resource and coach to my team members.” Jillian Klingberg, Dottie Rose Foundation 

Tamara helped me to lead from the heart, trusting my intuition, aligned with my values in bold and brave ways.” Christen Hoover, Tosco Music 

I appreciated the time you took to hear and really listen to me. Your reflections helped me to be a better leader for my team and us to solidify our team culture.” Carrie Christian, Executive Director of Families Forward Charlotte 

Tamara took me on a journey to find my courage and clarity to follow my vision and desires. She helped me realize how important self-care is to becoming the best version of myself.” - Sarah Fortner, Executive Director of Caterpillar Ministries 

If you’re interested in exploring coaching for your nonprofit leaders and board, feel free to reach out to Tamara Park directly @ | 704-562-0781 |

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