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Veterans Bridge Home partners with Lowe's to provide opportunities for local veterans

Veterans Bridge Home partners with Lowe's to provide opportunities for local veterans 

On  November 11th, we celebrate Veterans Day; a day to honor military men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. 

Veterans Bridge Home, honors our veterans every day by providing connections for them and their family as they transition back into the community.  Through their network of partners, they help Veterans navigate employment, create social connections, and settle their families. They  look at the whole Veteran and connect them to the resources needed to be successful and thriving leaders in our community. 

44% who’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan say they’ve had problems readjusting after their return.  After the regimen and sacrifice of military duty, transition to civilian life can be challenging as Veterans reunite with their families, pursue a new profession, locate services which were all on base, and build a social network. 

Lowe's is a proud partner of Veterans Bridge Home. 

“Lowe’s has been an amazing partner to us. They are our 2022 Employer Group (ERG) of the year due to how dedicated they are to gainfully employing Veterans. They also were a large resource in building our current facility and making it a place for not only Veterans, but also the community,”  said Tyeasha “Ty” VanBuren, of Veterans Bridge Home. Check out this video to learn more.

Veterans Bridge Home serves as an entry point for Veterans who don't know where to turn to access support and services. Because Veterans return home to a civilian community and not to federal agencies or bureaucracies, each community must reach out and actively assist in the reintegration process alongside federal agencies such as the Veterans Administration. A stronger community. One Veteran at a time. 

Want to get involved with a local veteran's nonprofit? Head to our Military causes filter on to learn about the organizations that support our veteran family and friends.  There are more than 25 local nonprofits who have opportunities for you to help local veterans. 

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