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Volunteering for Crazy Busy People: Samaritan House

Written by admin_1    on January 13, 2015

Volunteering can happen even when you’re crazy busy! Check out this quick opportunity to do good:

Nonprofit: Samaritan House

When: Flexible

Where: At Samaritan House, 611 Fortune St.,Charlotte, NC 28205

Who: Groups

Why: All of the things involved in a successful recuperation, like careful attention to medication and the rest needed to heal, become nearly impossible for the homeless when they are released from the hospital. Here in Charlotte, however, they can find a haven in Samaritan House.

Samaritan House provides recuperative care for homeless men and women in need of short term care following a hospital or emergency room stay. All guests enter the program through a referral system used by social workers and authorized medical personnel at area hospitals.

What you’ll do: Raking leaves, cutting grass, edging, trimming, etc.

Get started here.