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Wells Fargo Gives GOOD to CLT's Nonprofit Community

Written by Nicole Copsis    on November 22, 2019    in

Our friends at Wells Fargo have been the presenting partner of #GivingTuesdayCLT for the past three years, and as we come up on year fourth on December 3rd, we are so excited to SHARE with CLT all of the other ways that Wells Fargo does GOOD for the local nonprofit community. 

Check out the following Q & A with responses provided by Wells Fargo Charlotte Regional President, Kendall Alley.

Why has Wells Fargo chosen to support the Charlotte nonprofit community in this way year after year?
We appreciate the spirit of the campaign, which encourages everyone in Charlotte to get engaged during the giving season. We also recognize that #GivingTuesdayCLT helps support a wide-range of nonprofit organizations with important tools and resources to further their missions. At Wells Fargo, we’re committed to promoting the long-term economic prosperity and quality of life for everyone in our communities. If our communities prosper, we all prosper.

Meet local Wells Fargo employees who give back with their own time, talent and treasure right here in CLT:

Meet Jarian Kerekes, Senior Vice President, Team Member Philanthropy at Wells Fargo

Local Nonprofits Jarian Supports:  Second Harvest Food Bank and The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

Why Jarian gives back: “I enjoy demonstrating my giving through a mix of philanthropy (dollars), time (volunteering) and the utilization of my network/social capital, aka my treasure. I’ve benefited greatly in my journey from those that have extended an ear, their influence or social networks that have helped me tremendously in my career and I feel an obligation to pay it forward.”


Meet Annissa McDowell, Vice President, Compliance Consultant

Local Nonprofits Annissa Supports: Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas (JACC)

Why Annissa gives back: “Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas (JACC) provides me an opportunity to volunteer with CMS students preparing them for workplace readiness through hands on programming, introducing entrepreneurial ideas and financial education through real life assimilations.  As an Action Board member, my passion and skills are utilized building relationship and obtaining volunteers to help JACC support programs in their newly renovated facility in Camp North End. “


Meet Brent Fatticci, Risk Transformation Executive

Nonprofit Organizations Brent Supports: Dress for Success – Charlotte (Board Member), Carolina Freedom Foundation (Advisory Board), Patriots Path (Supporter), Veteran’s Bridge Home (Supporter), RunningWorks (Supporter), St. Jude (Supporter) and many others focused on veterans, women, families, homelessness, and medical research.

Why Brent gives back: My fiancée and I are active in various veteran, women, family, homeless, and medical research-oriented organizations and causes. My life, as well as my family, friends and loved ones, and perhaps many of your lives, have also taken some winding, unforeseen and challenging paths; life can at times be indiscriminate that way. I have experienced first-hand how people have stepped up and stepped in, helped, influenced and provided support, often in unexpectedly, subtle, and anonymous ways, to make a difference and positively shift our and other’s paths and place in life. It’s often in the midst of a life crisis, whether it be your own, a family member, or close friend that you are given the gift to see beyond a current circumstance, and see the beauty and blessing that the opportunity has to provide everyone if you are courageous enough to stand up for it and make a difference.

In support of my belief that life is measured more by what you give versus what you get, I am excited to contribute my time through serving on boards and volunteering, donating and helping to raise money and other donations, sharing my knowledge, experience and skills, and leveraging any social capital I have to support these organizations and the lives of the people they touch.

Meet Susan Arelt-Pohlman, Wells Fargo Commercial Underwriting Officer 

Local organizations Susan Supports: Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina

Why Susan gives back: “Almost one in six residents in Mecklenburg County lives in poverty and may not know when they will have their next meal.  So many families, seniors, and veterans struggle with rising living expenses and may not have enough money left for food. I donate to and volunteer with Second Harvest as a way to give back to the community and help those in need.”

These community leaders are just a few examples of how Wells Fargo team members give back. Wells Fargo team members in Charlotte showed their own personal commitments to philanthropy by logging 237,800 volunteer hours and donating more than $13.2 million last year. How does Wells Fargo encourage and support team members in their philanthropic efforts? 
Wells Fargo team members receive 16 paid hours of community service time each year. We also offer a team member philanthropy program where team members can qualify to receive grants for organizations they support by giving financially, volunteering or serving on nonprofit boards of directors.

What is one thing you would like the Charlotte community to know about Wells Fargo that they might not already?
Beginning last year, Wells Fargo targeted 2 percent of after-tax profits to philanthropy annually through the Wells Fargo Foundation and company donations.  This amounted to $444 million to nearly 11,000 organizations in 2018.

Across North Carolina, we donated more than $35.8 million to local nonprofits, schools and community organizations and Wells Fargo is all-in on Charlotte! We believe this a wonderful place to live and do business. Wells Fargo will continue to do everything we can to support our team members, our customers and the local community.