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Written by Admin    on November 22, 2013

If you've been watching the news, you've probably seen or read about our #BetheChangeCLT day at Providence Day School. And what you probably heard about was the poverty simulation we did under the guidance of Crisis Assistance Ministry.

But what you didn't see, after the cameras flickered off and the journalists went on to their next assignments, is what the students did next. 

Bus-loads of kids headed out across Charlotte to engage with six projects hosted by local non-profit organizations. My job was to tag along to one of them - Spay Neuter Charlotte

And this was for the kids, you understand. Not for me. My plan was to listen and observe, and probably nod sagely from the sidelines now and then. 

But when you enter the nonprofit world in Charlotte, that's not usually how it happens. Instead, you're caught off guard by not just the work the organizations do, but why they do it. With Spay Neuter Charlotte, their name pretty much says what they do (along with Wellness Wednesdays), and that day showed us all why

The waiting room is funky and fun, filled with wildly colorful paintings of dogs and chalkboard- covered doors displaying the names of the day's four-pawed patients in every hue. But don't let playful first impressions fool you - these folks are trying to save lives. Low cost sterilization and wellness services get the city one step closer to the ultimate goal of ending preventable euthanasia in Charlotte. Spay Neuter Charlotte is working to make sure that cost doesn't have to be an obstacle for pet owners who want to care for their pets and be a part of the solution to this growing problem.

So Spay Neuter Charlotte's reasons for working in our community are pretty clear (and you can learn more about them here). What are yours? What fires you up and gets you out the door and into the community to do something for good? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #whatsyourreason.  ------- See you back here soon! Kimberly