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What the kids are teaching me...

Written by Admin    on March 28, 2013

Here I sit, in beautiful Vermont, during one of the most beautiful (weather) weeks they’ve had all year.  The problem is I’m sitting...inside...by myself, while my family and friends are out skiing.  I had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago...enough said!

The kids come back to the hotel room every afternoon (after 6 hrs of skiing!) saying, “why can’t we keep skiing?”, “that was so awesome”, “Mom, I skied a BLUE!”.  I’m in awe of these kids (ages 8-15).  They are so free of restraint, fear and “what-ifs”.

It got me thinking: maybe we could take a page or two out of their book and apply it to our own lives...especially in the world of philanthropy.  I know so many people who are simply nervous (and a little fearful) to take the first step, make the first call, get out of their comfort zone and reach out to a non-profit to help.  “What if I can’t say no”, “what if I don’t connect with the organization”, “will they want too much of me?”

My suggestion: be a kid again and throw caution to the wind.  You are in control of this deal.  Try one organization, one volunteer opportunity, make one phone call.  And keep trying until it’s the right fit for you...it’s really OK.  And if you need help, let us know, we’re here for you!   -- Kelly Brooks

My Inspirations: Kasey (8) & Olivia (9)